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5 Things We Love About Avril Lavigne’s Love Sux

5 Things We Love About Avril Lavigne’s Love Sux

Avril Lavigne returns to pop-punk with her new album Love Sux, via Travis Barker’s DTA Records. The album has 12 tracks and features collaborations from blackbear, Machine Gun Kelly, and Mark Hoppus. THP has been listening to it nonstop, and we wanted to share our favorite things about it!

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The Opening Track, ‘Cannonball’ 

Avril opens her album with a bang! ‘Cannonball’ caught and kept our attention within the first 10 seconds. “Like a ticking time bomb, I’m about to explode,” Avril exclaims. Throughout the song, Avril proves that she’s better without her ex. Making this song the first track of Love Sux, she came in hot like a cannonball! 

The Lyrics In ‘Bois Lie’

Avril and Machine Gun Kelly teamed up for ‘Bois Lie,’ one of our favorite songs on the album! The lyrical wordplay between Avril and MGK is unique. Avril sings in the first chorus, “Boys lie, I can too. Revenge is my sweet tooth. Girls cry and so will you, ’cause boys lie.” In the final chorus, MGK sings the same lyrics but reversed. Instead of “boys lie,” he sings, “Girls lie, I can too. Revenge is my sweet tooth. Boys cry and so will you. Boys lie and girls lie too.” Avril and MGK have great chemistry throughout this song!

The Subtle Collabs Between Avril And MOD SUN

MOD SUN is on a few songs of Love Sux; can you guess which ones? You don’t have to! MOD SUN recently tweeted that he did background vocals for ‘Love Sux’ and drums on ‘Avalanche’ after fans guessed it on Twitter. We love that they both featured on each other’s albums in different ways!

The Vocals On ‘Dare To Love Me’

Avril pours her heart out in ‘Dare To Love Me,’ and we love every moment of it! In the beginning, Avril sings delicately, “if you dare to love me…” But by the bridge, she belts out those same lyrics to get her message across. The song showcases her talent and shows her vulnerability! 

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The Overall Message 

Love Sux is an album full of angst, heartbreak, and revenge. This project is a message to Avril’s future exes not to mess with her. Avril communicates her message perfectly throughout the whole album, and by the end of it, we’re begging for more! 

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