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4 Twists In Euphoria‘s ‘I’m Tired’ Lyrics That Make It Epic!

4 Twists In Euphoria‘s ‘I’m Tired’ Lyrics That Make It Epic!

To all music lovers out there. Aren’t we constantly on the lookout for the perfect song? One that speaks to us, one that understands exactly how we feel, and one that, all things considered, still challenges us in unpredicted ways. ‘I’m Tired‘ ticks all the boxes. Indeed, the HBO Max series Euphoria has gifted us with a brand new anthem. Because we are also so very tired.

Is it really only March?

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And as 2022 is giving us a bit more than we can chew, we seek refuge in music. Ours of late is Labrinth and Zendaya’s newest collab. What’s more, we are rendered speechless when we dive into its lyrics. There’s so much feeling poured into each verse that we can’t help but love every second of the song. And we’ll do our best to guide you through its supreme twists that make ‘I’m Tired’ a multilayered epic journey!

The Intro To Tiredness

Source Image: Youtube Labrinth Lyric Video

The chorus of this song is the ultimate hook because it’s such a universal mood. And whether we refer to the series’ complex storylines or just browse the internet, tiredness lurks around every corner. And it’s no surprise that genius Labrinth has managed to compose such a masterpiece. He certainly knows how to summon all the feels. Exhibit A:

Case closed. No further proof is needed.

The Struggle Bit

Source Image: Youtube Labrinth Lyric Video

Now, this verse… this verse hits all the right notes. And it’s too raw for comfort. But that’s not what we are here for. And despite this section of the song being disheartening, Labrinth and Zendaya depict the struggle in the most artful way possible. It’s humbling how it portrays this twist in the music. But, it feels like a journey, and we are all on board. Art is all about how it makes us feel, and ‘I’m Tired’ holds true to delivering a few verses that connect us across the globe.

The Giving Up Temptation

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We are at the peak; the cart is tilting forward on a dangerously steep dive. And the rush is beckoning us to push forward and take the plunge. To just let ourselves go. And yes, we did close our eyes and indulged in the surge of feelings. It’s the beauty of this ride. We connect with every part of it. Even with a second of giving up, knowing that “we’ll be on our way.”

The Perseverent Attitude

Source Image: Youtube Labrinth Lyric Video

This is by far our favorite twist of all. The human twist. Because we are all trying. And after the rollercoaster dive and the many turns, we continue to try to make sense of the ride. As for the musical talents that grant us this song, Labrinth and Zendaya gift us one last bit of musical wisdom:

Hey Lord, You know I’ll find it

I don’t know when or how today

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Last but not least, here’s the complete ‘I’m Tired’ lyric video for you to relive the twists and experience the journey first-hand.

How do you feel about the lyrics of ‘I’m Tired?’ Are you also playing it on replay these days? Please tell us in the comments below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. And you can always follow us on Instagram and Facebook for new content and updates on music releases and so much more!



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