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Khalid’s ‘Last Call’ Music Video Engages Us In An Exciting Easter Egg Hunt!

Khalid’s ‘Last Call’ Music Video Engages Us In An Exciting Easter Egg Hunt!

March 3rd marked the 5th Anniversary of Khalid‘s debut album American Teen. Time surely flies! Still, is there a better way to celebrate it than releasing a brand new sound? ‘Last Call’ was unleashed yesterday along with a music video packed with our favorites: Easter eggs, Easter eggs everywhere! This could only mean one thing…

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The hunt is officially underway! Though it’s nothing too gruesome, on the contrary, this is probably the best gift Khalid could give us fans. We love the thrill of this search with every fiber of our beings! And to start this off, let’s go over the evidence.

‘Last Call’ Music Video

One word could describe our first impressions of this video: obsessed. Khalid’s paying homage to his trajectory ever since American Teen, as well as finding new depths to his immense talent. And we are sold on everything he has to offer.


But now, let’s delve into this exhilarating quest at hand! Happy Easter egg hunt!

First Easter Egg: Classic Cars And American Flags

During the very intro of the new ‘Last Call’ video, we see our beloved Khalid sitting in a classic red car. Random choice? We think not! If you go over his very own American Teen LP, we find a younger version of himself resting on a… oh wait, what’s that?

Image Source: Khalid/Amazon

Don’t you just love to reminisce? So, why stop here? Moving on to new lovely hints.

Second Easter Egg: Signs And Known Names

This one is a bit more obscure. And if you were completely taken by the ‘Last Call’ video, like we were, it might have easily slipped your attention! It took us a couple of replays to spot it. Hopefully, you’ve beaten us to it. Have you come across any known past album names hidden in plain sight? We spy with our little eyes, something beginning with “S”.

Image Source: Youtube Khalid ‘Last Call’ Music Video

It could be argued that the first letter is “E”, but who’s keeping score? Indeed, Scenic Drive is his last album. So, well played Khalid! Now, we are going over all of your previous work and confirming just how incredibly talented you are!

Third Easter Egg: Awards And Plaques

Would it be a true homage without acknowledging Khalid’s well-deserved awards? Thought so too. And those are some tokens of worldwide recognition semi-buried in the dirt. Still, our favorite one has to be:

Image Source: Youtube Khalid ‘Last Call’ Music Video

Are we seeing that right? A billion streams? That’s simply too many zeros for us to comprehend. Khalid is really that out-of-this-world talented!

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Fourth Easter Egg: Other Memorable Vehicles

Pre-pandemic memories are unlocked with this last Easter egg we bring up. And this one is dear to our hearts, as it shines a light on a van that will certainly ring a bell. Did you also travel back in time to reconnect with your Free Spirit?

Image Source: Youtube Khalid ‘Last Call’ Music Video

We gotta admit that “nothing feels better than…” going on a hunt that causes no harm other than the pain of excruciatingly good vibes! Thank you Khalid for such a candid gift!

Image Source: GIPHY

Now, we can’t wait to hear from you! Did you have fun joining this Easter Egg quest? Have you found other ones? Please tell us in the comments below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. And you can always follow us on Instagram and Facebook for new content and updates on music releases and so much more!

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