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It’s Women’s History Month And Women In Music Keep Dominating!

It’s Women’s History Month And Women In Music Keep Dominating!

Women. That’s it. That’s the article. Ok, no, but that would be a good article. It’s March (where is the time going?), which means it’s Women’s History Month! So we are bringing you this roundup of new music by exclusively female artists to celebrate. In a male-dominated industry, it’s time we hand the spotlight over to the women. So here’s a list of new and upcoming music by some of our favorite rising women!

Image Source: Jackie Russo

1. Ashe – ‘Another Man’s Jeans’

Would this really be an article about women in music if we didn’t mention our queen, Ashe? She released an absolute banger, ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ this week, and we are kinda (super) obsessed. She dropped ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ alongside a music video that is almost as good as the story behind it. Ashe headed to the W Hotel in Punta Mita, Mexico, shot exclusively on film for a three-day music video shoot. Unfortunately, after returning to America, she received a call that all the film was unusable. Which totally sucks, but at least she got to return to Mexico to re-shoot the entire thing. Maybe she will even send us an invite next time…

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Listen to Ashe here!

Image Source: Caity Krone

2. Lizzy McAlpine – ‘Reckless Driving’

Ok, technically, this song features a man, but we can’t give up a chance to talk about our love for Lizzy. Lizzy has been dropping singles for a while now, teasing us for the April release of her next album, five seconds flat. ‘Reckless Driving‘ marks a new route for Lizzy sound-wise. “I want to give my fans something different with each record because I’m different each record,” notes McAlpine. We love an artist that grows along with her fans. While it still has the Lizzy trademark sound, it still feels new, which she seems to be going for. We cannot stop listening in preparation for five second flat and anxiously await April 8th. 

Listen to Lizzy here!

Image Source: Radio Silence PR

3. Ceara Cavalieri – ‘Radio Silence’

We are anything but silent about California native Ceara Cavalieri’s newest single ‘Radio Silence.’ It is a pop-rock, scream it in your car, break up with your boyfriend, dye all your hair at 3 am kinda song. And we can’t get enough. Ceara confides, “I wrote this song about a guy that I had been dating for about eight months who randomly ghosted me without saying anything. It is such a weird feeling when you are used to talking to someone every day, and then out of nowhere, it’s just complete “radio silence” on their end.” Ouch! Ghosting is harsh, but writing a song about it? The absolute best form of revenge. Bye-bye, little boy, we’re moving on to bigger and better things.

Listen to Ceara here!

Image Source: Grace Amos Via Twitter

4. Grace Amos – Cover Of ‘Everlong’ by The Foo Fighters

While this might not be an original song, it might be just as good. While no one can beat the original, Grace gets pretty darn close, with an emotional cover of ‘Everlong’ as the Foo Fighters announced their surprise one-off stadium show in Geelong on Friday, March 4, 2022. Grace strove to pay homage to the beloved song by showcasing the lyrics in a raw way. However, Grace also has some showstopping original songs that highlight her vocal range and passion as an artist. 

Listen to Grace here!

Image Source: Nessa Barrett Via Twitter

5. Nessa Barrett – ‘dying on the inside’

~TW: Eating disorder mention~

Eating Disorder hotline here.

No jokes for this section of the article. This is a powerful song about Nessa’s struggle with eating disorders. We hate that so many of us can relate, but we just want to praise Nessa for making such a powerful song for people of all ages, genders, and races to help them realize they are not alone. The Honey POP wants to emphasize the importance of fueling your body as best as you can. We are all beautiful human beings who deserve love. 

Listen to Nessa here!

Image Source: Cold PR

6. Zofia Alaya – ‘Cold’

If you are looking for some indie-pop with influences from the 1970s, spiritualism, and astrology (hey, some of us have specific taste), look no further! Zofia Alaya is a London-based dream-pop singer and songwriter eager to inspire others with her music. She comes to us with her new single ‘Cold,’ an indie track about relationships in today’s age. The melancholy aura of the track cover seeps right into the music, with an underlying sense of hope underneath it all. Zofia quotes that “What I wanted to say in this song is that I am true to myself, and you can be too.”

Listen to Zofia here!

Image Source: Meg Mac Via Artist Website

7. Meg Mac – ‘Is It Worth Being Sad’

‘Is It Worth Being Sad’ is an emotional yet rhetorical question. Meg poses it perfectly in this heartbreaking tale of trauma, escape, and re-discovery. With her distinctive voice and perfectly blending harmonies, ‘Is It Worth Being Sad’ is a beautiful song for any playlist and any listener. We can totally imagine crying to this during a rainstorm before brushing ourselves off and rising higher, with the soft yet powerful sound this song evokes.

Listen to Meg here!

Image Source: Happier Than Me PR

8. Samica – ‘Happier Than Me’

Looking for a track to get you thru your next break-up? Indie-alt artist Samica has your back. Samica says, “Sometimes when things get hard, you feel like the only option you have is to run. It’s not always the best idea, but this song is for when you’re on your way.” If this is the soundtrack we’re running from a break-up to, we might break up more often (babe, we’re kidding… flowers would be nice though)

Listen to Samica here!

Image Source: Reinhardt Kenneth

9. MILCK – ‘Power’

MILCK is bringing the power back to women in her new single ‘Power.’ Set to be featured as part of ABC Network’s Women’s History Month programming, the pop-rock ballad is just the anthem we needed. But just because this song is an anthem for the ladies doesn’t mean it can’t be applied and enjoyed by everyone. “May this song be a reminder that true power does not lie in bullets and bombs, but in brotherhood/sisterhood/siblinghood, and the beauty we see in ourselves and each other,” says MILCK.

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Listen to MILCK here!

Image Source: Main Chick PR

10. Emilee Rose – ‘Main Chick’

Men might try to reduce us to a side chick, but Emilee is here to remind them we most definitely aren’t. Emilee quotes: “Nobody likes being treated as an option or a “side chick,” and the song is a reminder that we too have options, but we are confident enough to know it. This song gets us ready to throw on our fiercest heels, biggest earrings, shortest dress, and prepare to break some hearts. Friendly reminder: You are better than a side piece. You’re the whole meal.

Listen to Emilee here!

Image Source: Brian Ziff

11. Lilyisthatyou – ‘Moderation’

Lilyisthatyou comes to us with a sex-positive track about taking back female power. She breaks the stigma on female enjoyment with lyrics like “Everything in moderation, Drugs, sex, gin, and masturbation, Keep my vices on rotation, I don’t swallow, I’m just tastin.” Whoa. Spicy. Lily has us blushing up in here. It’s nice to hear an unfiltered song that just lets women realize it’s ok to enjoy being themselves and Lily delivers!

Listen to Lily here!

Image Source: House On Fire PR

12. Mimi Webb – ‘House On Fire’

A searing breakup track with powerful vocals and a catchy beat, ‘House On Fire’ is immediately getting added to our “songs to commit arson to” playlist (for legal reasons, this is a joke). The aesthetics and story of this pop song are catching our interest. With a showcase on the powerful side of the breakup, and we are all about it. If you see our ex’s house on fire in the next couple of days, turn the other way, please. (again joking bestie. We are not capable of arson)

Listen to Mimi here!

Image Source: Giphy

You reached the end! We know we’re sad too. There are many female artists we missed but if you are looking for more head over here! Are there any female artists you think we should feature next? Let us know in the comments section below! Or take it to socials by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also get the latest pop culture news and inside scoop by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

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