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5 Songs By ITZY That Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs By ITZY That Your Playlist Needs

Are you new to ITZY? Are you looking to get into them? Maybe you’re looking to spruce up your “girl groups” playlist … or perhaps you don’t even listen to Kpop! Either way, this piece is for you.

Picture this: you’ve just finished going through your music library and while you enjoy seeing all your favorite artists’ music, you realize that you haven’t added any new artists or their music to your catalog! Oh no! Regardless of whether or not you already love Kpop, ITZY is here to save the day! These five women have been putting out certified bops since 2019, and it’s high time that you add them to your playlist. Don’t worry, we at The Honey POP have got your back. Here are five songs by ITZY that your playlist needs.

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‘WANNABE,’ ITZY’s second comeback, came onto the scene loud and triumphant. As a follow-up to their first comeback, ‘ICY,’ ‘WANNABE’ is another self-love anthem that’s bold, colorful, and gets you out of your seat. It is a declaration of wanting to be no one other than your beautiful and unique self. Ryujin hooks you in with her opening rap verse while Lia, Chaeryeong, Yuna, and Yeji’s sweet and bouncy vocals make you stay. It’s a perfect addition to your “Confidence” or even “Work Out” playlists, but you might find yourself stopping to practice Ryujin’s iconic shoulder dance.

2. ‘Mirror’

Different from ‘WANNABE,’ we slow it down for b-side ‘Mirror’ off ITZY’s first full-length LP, CRAZY IN LOVE. In ‘Mirror,’ ITZY sings about going through difficult times but recognizing that they will be okay. It’s a song meant to offer comfort and a reminder that no matter what you’re going through, everything will turn out alright. Moreover, the soft melody and moderate tempo paired with the girls’ gentle vocals help deliver the message loud and clear. It’ll be a nice change of pace in your playlist, and if you aren’t a fan of slower songs, ‘Mirror’ will change that for you.

3. ‘SURF’

With ‘Surf’ we finally venture into romantic love with a pop, summery b-side. Here, ITZY sings about unexpectedly liking someone and being reluctant to admit it. Staying within the “summer” and “surfing” theme, they sprinkle in surfing/ocean metaphors to compare the feeling of liking this person to “riding waves” or “having motion sickness.” Consequently, ‘Surf’ makes you feel like you’re actually at the beach with the sun shining on you. It’s the perfect song if you’re crushing on someone but not certain you want to say it loud just yet. Even if you’re not crushing on anyone, ‘Surf’ would be a perfect ITZY song for your summer playlist!

4. ‘SHOOT!’

From their fourth mini-album, GUESS WHO, comes one of ITZY’s more popular b-sides: ‘SHOOT!’ In this track, ITZY trades out a bright pop sound for a darker R&B one for this track, singing about how they’ll put a spell on and seduce someone who may or may not like the ITZY girls. Not only that but, it’s a confidence booster and makes you feel like you can walk into a room and all eyes would be on you. So you might not be trying to seduce someone … but that’s okay! ‘SHOOT!’ most certainly deserves to be on your “feeling myself” playlist.


Finally, we have ITZY’s debut track, ‘DALLA DALLA.’ The first of their series of self-love anthems, ‘DALLA DALLA’ is about being unapologetically yourself and celebrating your differences. As a matter of fact, “Dalla” means “different” in Korean! It’s upbeat, bubbly, addicting, and definitely the type of song you’d find yourself singing in the car. And it’s their debut song … of course, you need this classic on your playlist! It’s your introduction to ITZY’s wonderful discography.

Well, there you have it! Overall, it’s a pretty good list, right? Though, truthfully, we at The Honey POP believe all of ITZY’s discography is worthy of being on your playlist. Unfortunately, we only had room for five songs this time around. Time and time again they’ve proved they’re a talented force to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to see what else the girls release in the near future (and what else we can add to our playlist).

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Do you agree? What ITZY songs are on your playlist(s)? Let us know in the comments, holler at our Twitter: @thehoneypop, or visit our Instagram and/or Facebook.

But first, if you still don’t stan them, then what are you waiting for? Check out our piece: 5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Itzy. When you’re done, take this quiz to see Which ITZY Member Would Be Your Bestie!


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  • This is such a well-written article!! Definitely gonna check out Itzy’s discography after hearing about them! Props to the writer, thank you so much!!

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