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Dorothy Must Die Book Series -An Overview

Dorothy Must Die Book Series -An Overview

The cover of Dorothy Must Die

Dorothy Must Die is a book series written by Danielle Paige that serves as a big plot twist on the classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Many characters from The Wizard of Oz movie make appearances, such as Dorothy Gale, the Tin Man, the Lion, and so many more. Readers who are familiar with the children’s classic will be even more excited to dive into the first book of the series, its prequel novellas, and its sequels.

We chose this book series for you because it is a fantasy series. If you love reading fantasy books, this series is the right series for you. There are going to be spoilers! Now let’s dive into this fun book series!

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Dorothy Must Die

Image Source: HarperCollins

The first book in the series that started it all. We learn about the new character in the series who serves as the narrator and protagonist, Amy Gumm. Amy is the other girl from Kansas. Many of the elements from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz appear in this book, such as the tornado, the flatlands of Kansas, and the Emerald City.

We are also surprised to see that Dorothy Gale, who was once the protagonist of the original classic, is now the antagonist of the book series. Dorothy’s companions, Toto, Glinda, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin Woodman, appear in this book as Dorothy’s henchmen. According to Danielle Paige, Dorothy Gale has turned into a princess, dictator, and tyrant.

In addition, the ruby slippers that Dorothy wears in the original classic play a major role in the book. The slippers are the source of Dorothy’s power and corruption. Amy tries to assassinate Dorothy towards the end of the book but fails.

Content Warnings: bullying, substance abuse, drug abuse, child neglect, and alcoholism.

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The Wicked Will Rise

Image Source: HarperCollins

This book continues from where we left off in Dorothy Must Die. Amy continues on her mission to assassinate Dorothy and her accomplice, Glinda. It serves as a continuous sequel because of Amy’s failed attempt to assassinate the tyrant. The book contains a lot of magical elements associated with the atmosphere in the Land of Oz and the series’ fantasy genre. If you love reading Dorothy Must Die, we recommend that you continue with this sequel.

Content Warnings: sexual content that is appropriate only for young adults.

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The Prequel Novellas

Image Source: HarperCollins

We have also found a collection of prequel novellas that take place before the events of Dorothy Must Die. Each novella focuses on each of the main characters presented. Novellas in this collection include Heart of Tin, The Straw King, Ruler of the Beasts, and No Place Like Oz. In addition, the novellas give readers a more in-depth story behind the main characters, like the characters’ inner thoughts and emotions. We recommend these novellas for your pleasure.

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