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‘Everything’s Electric:’ Liam Gallagher’s Latest Video Pumps Up The Adrenaline

‘Everything’s Electric:’ Liam Gallagher’s Latest Video Pumps Up The Adrenaline

Liam Gallagher

Global legendary musician and acclaimed rockstar Liam Gallagher has released a magnificent, timeless music video to accompany his smash hit, ‘Everything’s Electric.’

Liam Gallagher is a contemporary icon, a master storyteller, and an influential voice that defines an era. He has a dynamic and engaging narrative approach that captivates you right away with its intriguing lyrics, coupled with effervescent music, spirited vocals, and an intoxicating vibe.

And this song is no exception, so get ready to dive right in!

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‘Everything’s Electric’

“Superficial feelings, it’s hard to take it easy
Underneath the red sun, everything’s electric”

The former Oasis frontman is ready to inspire a new generation as he is riding high and sparkling in the success of his astonishing single, ‘Everything’s Electric.’ The song elicits an adrenaline rush from the moment you hear it, instantly putting you in the festive spirit and leaving you nostalgic and reflective. Co-written with Dave Grohl and Greg Kurstin, the song gained instant traction upon release, and it is one of his biggest solo hits. Added a golden star to his solo music trajectory, it carries the legacy of the generation-defining band, Oasis, which led to his iconic fame.

Liam Gallagher by Greg Williams
Image Source: Liam Gallagher by Greg Williams

“Tell me, what do you love? And would you let it kill you?
With a head full of dreams at night, sorrows written the story of life

Liam Gallagher has a knack for getting straight into our hearts. In times of darkness, he is a master at guiding us into the light at the end of the tunnel. The song unfolds with soaring effervescent guitar riffs adorned with rich chord progressions, enthralling vocals, moving lyrics, and layered with backing vocals. It speaks to those who have a heart full of love and a head full of dreams. Liam Gallagher’s unflinching, never-say-die attitude has endured all the obstacles, driven him to take the reins in control, and made him a solo success, exhibiting his eagerness, determination, and infectious enthusiasm to aim for the stars.

Stream, buy and listen to the ‘Everything’s Electric’ here.

Lights, Camera And… Music Video

Liam Gallagher unveiled captivating visuals for ‘Everything’s Electric’ this week. The accompanying music video paves the way and raises chilling excitement among his fans ahead of his third solo album, C’MON YOU KNOW, set for release on May 27.

Directed by Charlie Lightening, the video marks another milestone in his artistry. It showcases multiple live performance clips from his iconic shows, as well as a glimpse into his life with a dash of glorifying vocals, poignant lyrics, rich harmonies, and an aura of grandeur. It sets the stage perfectly for an exciting summer season full of his live shows, giving us a taste of the euphoria as we rush back to the intoxicating feeling of reuniting with friends and fans to celebrate music and summer festivity. Get your tickets here!

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Live Performances

Liam Gallagher performed his newest single, ‘Everything’s Electric,’ live at the Brit Awards 2022. In true Liam fashion, he delivered a substantially grandiose, larger-than-life performance, and to say that it justified the title of the song and glamorized the evening would be an understatement. Liam welcomed the cheerful crowd with a grand helicopter entry on the rooftop and put on a very electrifying show, making his comeback spectacular, and being a huge fan, seeing him back on stage and bringing the heat is fantastic.

We were also in awe of Liam’s live performance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, which was, as always, effortlessly flawless, packed with raspy, striking vocals and vibrant energy. Watch below, feel the sensation and take it all in!

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