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Get To Know HONNE With These Essential Tracks

Get To Know HONNE With These Essential Tracks

James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck—better known to the world as HONNE—are an English electronic music duo conquering the world with their groovy tunes. The duo joined forces in 2014 while attending university and have received worldwide recognition following their debut album Warm on a Cold Night in 2016.

Since then, HONNE has toured worldwide and collaborated with some of our favorite artists like BTS’s RM, NIKI, and many more. The duo has just released a deluxe version of their 2021 album Let’s Just Say the World Ended a Week from Now, What Would You Do? Stream it here, now!

And with this incredible album dropping soon, we’re being treated to a new single called ‘I’m Blessed.’ And that’s not all! HONNE is getting ready to hit the road this April in the UK and North America. It’s HONNE’s world and we’re just living in it!

If you’re not entirely familiar with HONNE yet, you’re in luck! We have seven essential songs to help you know this talented duo.

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‘I’m Blessed’

The latest single from the English duo is an upbeat, R&B-inspired track full of love. ‘I’m Blessed’ talks about feeling grateful for all the affection one receives from their loved ones. The Gospel-inspired piano melodies and catchy chorus will put a pep in your step, reminding you of all the love you receive.

Stream it here!

‘Coming Home’ Feat. NIKI

This collaboration with 88 Rising’s NIKI is inspired by the duo’s life, touring around the world away from their families and missing big moments. The song is centered around a singer on tour missing their loved ones and looking forward to coming home. Moreover, the sweet guitar riff and pop-inspired beats paired with NIKI’s amazing vocals bring together the song’s message.

‘Crying Over You’ [Remix] Feat. Beka And RM Of BTS

The original version of ‘Crying Over You’ is already a masterpiece. But, when you add a verse from RM of BTS, it just keeps getting better. The R&B and synth-pop mash-up is about two people who have broken up, and instead of hating on each other, both parties wish they find someone more compatible. ‘Crying Over You’ marks the second time HONNE had worked with BTS’s leader, the first time being when they produced ‘Seoul’ off RM’s mixtape mono.

‘Day 1’

The next track is a synth-pop number from the duo’s second studio album, Love Me/ Love Me Not, which encapsulates the feeling when you’ve found the one. ‘Day 1’ is very self-explanatory. The song talks about loyalty and love in a relationship with lyrics like, “I got mad love for you and you know it/ I would never leave you on your own/ I just want you to know.” It’s a sweet track to dedicate to your ‘Day 1’ (pun intended).

‘loving you is so easy’

This track from HONNE’s 2020 mixtape No Song Without You demonstrates the duo’s musical versatility. ‘Loving you is so easy’ takes an indie-rock approach with catchy guitar riffs and drumbeats, cementing the fact that HONNE are musical chameleons. While, the song’s message is very straightforward; it’s about finding someone who makes you give love so quickly, and you don’t have to try to find that feeling because it’s right there.

‘3 AM’

The next track from the duo’s 2016 EP Gone Are the Days, shows the duo’s cheeky side. With funky bass lines and synth-pop elements, ‘3 AM’ is an intoxicating track about flirting back-and-forth with someone with lyrics like ‘Where’s your sense of belonging?/We could be getting the frisky girl/ Till three o’clock in the morning.” According to HONNE on Twitter, ‘3 AM’ is one of the first tracks they ever worked on as a duo and one of their favorite tracks too!

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‘Warm on a Cold Night’

Last but certainly not least is the song that introduced the world to HONNE. ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ opens with a radio D.J. introducing the song, telling listeners that the song will keep you “warm on a cold night.” Fun fact the person speaking in the intro is a close friend of the duo! This synth-pop track is an ode to love. The singer describes how the love he receives from a partner keeps him warm.

If you enjoy these songs, make sure to check out the deluxe version of HONNE’s latest album, Let’s Just Say the World Ended a Week from Now, What Would You Do? featuring ‘I’m Blessed.’ And while you’re here, make sure to catch the English duo on tour starting in April.

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