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3 James Reid Collabs To Get You Hyped For His New Song With Jay B & ØZI

3 James Reid Collabs To Get You Hyped For His New Song With Jay B & ØZI

The collaboration we have only ever dared to dream of is actually happening! James Reid has teamed up with GOT7 leader and insane vocalist Jay B as well as the award-winning hip-hop artist ØZI for a remake of his song ‘Hello.’ 

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The new track is titled ‘Hello 2.0 (Legends Only)’ and will drop on March 11th, 2022 distributed through Transparent Arts. It is set to be a funk pop-dance fusion song celebrating the way music dismantles the barrier of language and limitations set by the pandemic. Watch the short clip below where each artist says “Hello” before a teaser clip of the track is played!

What We Can Expect

The lyrics will be a combination of English, Korean, and Mandarin, further weaving the theme of unity into the track. The idea behind ‘Hello 2.0 (Legends Only)’ is simple and beautiful, the bonds between us even when we say “Hello” are what makes life worthwhile, especially in the times we’re currently living in. 

The song begins by describing the way relationships can form just from a greeting and continues with Jay B and ØZI discussing their own ways of saying “Hello.” The song also signifies the harmony between the artists from Seoul, Manila, and Taipei.

Their Thoughts On This Collab

Asia has a lot to offer in terms of music so I’m grateful to have a project like this in which the big idea is a collaboration between different Asian countries.

James Reid

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do this cool collaboration and happy to have a fun project with James Reid. I hope that there will be many great collaborations with artists from various countries in the future. Starting with this collaboration with James, I also want to show myself to fans from various countries with more artists, various performances, and songs.

Jay B

Jay B recently released an EP under his alternate persona, Def., titled Love which was highly regarded and, in our humble opinion, one of the most well-crafted EPs released last year.

It’s a pleasure working with James and Jay B. Love the energy of the record. Hope we can all get together and perform the song together in our cities in the near future.


He released Pedestal, his sophomore album, last year mixing the perfect amount of groovy, smooth, and bouncy tracks for a solid and addictive musical experience. 

All three artists are major players in the global music scene making this power team up a legendary moment that we can’t wait to hear. To get you hyped for their collaboration, listen to these three James Reid collabs that we haven’t been able to stop listening to!

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‘Own It’ Feat. Nadine Lustre & Massiah

James’ signature tone adds a mesmerizing aspect to this cool yet mellow dance track. We dare you not to keep hitting replay on this one, it’s impossible. 

‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ Feat. Yuna

His smooth voice is a perfect match for this sultry and dreamy song. What’s even better, there’s some sick choreography in the official Dance Visualizer. You’re going to want to dance after hearing it so you might as well try it with the official choreo! 

‘Soul Love’ Feat. Kris Delano

We’ll slow things down for our last recommendation, if you love Lo-Fi and R&B this is the track for you. James has a sweet, hypnotic voice that especially stands out in this song. 

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