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Life Is All Right With West Side Story

Life Is All Right With West Side Story

Musical theatre has always been something we adore and love! The classics, the beautiful choreographies, and soundtracks have been part of our day for day. Now, we have been given the chance to bring *THAT* Broadway show – which displayed an incredibly talented and unique cinematic space – to our homes. West Side Story has come to Disney +, besties!

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Steven Spielberg has brought to the 2020s movie world the unique story of Tony and Maria, a man and a woman that were completely in love while nationality was separating them. The tragic and romantic story is a must-see that has captured everyone’s hearts! In addition to the main storyline, we can’t get enough of the catchy and mind-blowing soundtrack created by the one and only Stephen Sondheim.

We are completely sure that after just watching the trailer, you have made your plans to watch this incredible Academy-nominee movie with your friends. If you’re not 100% sure, here are four reasons why this movie is worth the world!

The Most Beautiful Sound We Have Ever Heard!

Steven Spielberg was a genius while choosing the cast for the 2020s adaption of West Side Story. He surely knew how special this movie was gonna be to all the broadways fanatics, so he chose well for us. Rachel Zegler, Adriana DeBose, Ansel Elgort, Mike Faist, David Alvarez, and many other mega-talented artists joined the screen to make all of us fall in love with their voices and the subtlety of their dance moves. We just believe in West Side Story‘s cast supremacy, and they deserve the world for what they created!

A Cinematic Masterpiece

Steven Spielberg has brought us a new vision of one of the best Broadway classics of all time. The man created a beautiful cinematic experience to feel like you’re in Manhattan, living inside this storyline, and watching Maria and Tony fall in love and face all the barriers that their love faces. The wonderful color scheme, the beautiful wardrobe, and the stunning shots are just some of the few things that make this movie one of the biggest films of these past years. Spielberg, you are a magnificent genius!

Rachel Zegler, Adriana DeBose, David Alvarez And Mike Faist

It goes without saying that West Side Story is spilling talent and power in every single way. However, we cannot deny the four who stole the movie. Starting with Rachel Zegler: oh my God! What a voice! The young actress has shown us that she is the future of the musical world and she is just preparing us for the power she is carrying! Adriana DeBose: we have always loved this queen, but now we are kneeling for her! That woman has an incomparable talent, and West Side Story has been the jewel on the crown!

On the other hand, we have David Alvarez. King, please, we are addicted to your voice and dance moves! All throughout the movie, he has shown how talented he is and why he is the perfect Bernardo! Finally, Mike Faist, our beloved Mike. We can only say that this man is gonna steal your heart and make you cry as hard as you ever have! Mike completely steals the show as Riff, Tony’s right hand, but we are stealing Tony’s best friend for us! We have no words to describe the love we have for Mike Faist!

One Movie, One Heart

West Side Story has become one of the 7 wonders, and we are happy to keep it right next to our hearts. All of its magic has become a special part of us, and we can assure you that you will feel the same after watching it. It is a movie full of laughs, tears, and emotions we had never felt. Spielberg and the cast of West Side Story, we are very thankful for what’ve you done with this story and for letting us have the chance to appreciate the talent and power you guys carry!

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Besties, we can assure you that watching West Side Story on Disney+ today will be the best decision of your lives! You are gonna thank us later! When do you plan to watch the Academy-nominee movie? If you have watched it, what was your favorite scene?

Tell us everything in the comments and don’t forget to reach us on our social media @TheHoneyPop!

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