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We Here At The Honey POP Stan Crystal Leigh Clifford, And We’re Gonna Tell You Why!

We Here At The Honey POP Stan Crystal Leigh Clifford, And We’re Gonna Tell You Why!

Today is International Women’s Day, and we want more than anything to rant about how much we love women. Instead, we’ve decided to rant to you about how much we love one woman. You’ve probably guessed from the title, but we adore the newly named Crystal Leigh Clifford. She is a role model to those of us at The Honey POP, and we’re excited to tell you all about why!

Image Source: @crystalleigh on Instagram

She Is Girl Power Personified!

Before anything else, Crystal is a woman, and she finds no shame in that! She is empowering, but not just to herself and her friends. Crystal constantly encourages women and young girls to be who they are and not allow anyone to take that from them. We’re inspired by the way she doesn’t let the harsh words of other people bring her down because she knows for a fact who she is! Her power is shown through her inspiring energy!

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Not only is she empowering, but she’s also educated, and not just academically. With the global issues being brought to light since the pandemic began, Crystal has made sure to show her support and further educate those who follow her! She is constantly sharing posts to help spread the word on how to help with the issues that are taking the world by storm! It’s always amazing to see someone using their platform for good!

She Is An Absolute Sweetheart!

A few of us here at The Honey POP have had the pleasure of meeting Crystal, and she was nothing but angelic. Her energy is full of warmth and purity. We just can’t get enough of her. She radiates a sense of comfort that makes us want to give her the biggest hug ever. (Crystal, we’re down for hugs if you are!) We mean it; her heart is just too big, we can’t even explain how happy it makes us to see her sharing her kindness with the world!

Image Source: @crystalleigh on Instagram

She Made A Name For Herself!

From beginning her career up to now, Crystal has made a name in the music industry as a talent manager and managing partner. We are in awe of her. That’s it. We’re just in awe of her. She is full of life and skill, and she proves that daily through her work. She is currently a managing partner at Whitelabel.Social, how cool is that? (The answer is cooler than anything ever. Don’t argue with us. We know we’re right!) We’re so inspired by her constant work to change the industry, one client at a time.

Image Source: @crystalleigh on Instagram

Another thing she has done to make a name for herself is social media! Now, while we prefer to think of her as a part of public relations, it’s no secret that she’s also gained a large following! Whether it’s photos of her travels or her legendary selfies, the people love to see her! (It’s us. We’re the people. We’re not ashamed to admit it either!) We love being able to see even a glimpse of how hard she works!

She Worked Her Butt Off In School!

Not only is she empowering, kind, and a strong businesswoman, she’s smart too! Obviously, it takes a certain level of intelligence to get as far as she’s gotten, and Crystal most definitely has it! She has her master’s degree after attending three amazing colleges! We’re so proud of her accomplishments, and we know for a fact she’ll achieve more amazing feats in the future!

Image Source: GIPHY

On top of communications and media, she also has a scholastic background in marketing and public relations. She was quite literally made for media, and that makes her even more iconic in our eyes. We will never, and we do mean never, underestimate what Crystal Leigh is capable of. A few members of The Honey POP have found inspiration in her, following in taking up the major of communications and media studies.

She Is Beautiful And Inspirational!

As if she couldn’t get any better, she is a beautiful individual, both inside and out. Through her social media, we’re able to see her beauty. She posts photos of herself, and our jaw drops. What really gets us is when she posts inspiring words, something for us to take comfort in. Whether it’s a photo of a poem we think about for weeks or a quote that she felt we needed to hear, she is a walking inspiration to us all.

Image Source: @crystalleigh on Instagram

She has made multiple stories and tweets about individuality and being who we are, making sure to stay true to herself. Whether they’re her words or the words of someone else she’s sharing with us, she somehow always says the right thing at the right time. We hope that this never changes because her inspiration is one thing we will always look up to. She is a gift to the world, and we’re blessed to know she’s willing to share her love with us.

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International Women’s Day is the day we get to celebrate the parts of women that are usually forgotten by society. While their beauty is usually what people think matters most, it’s their hearts, their spirits, and their souls that we here at The Honey POP admire most. Crystal Leigh is a beautiful human with a strong heart, a strong mind, and an indestructible soul.

Image Source: @crystalleigh on Instagram

What is your favorite thing about Crystal Leigh? Did we tell you anything about her that you didn’t know? What inspires you to share your gifts with the world? How are you celebrating the women in your life this month? Feel free to share below in the comments or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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