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Binge-Worthy Buzz: Marvel TV Shows Edition

Binge-Worthy Buzz: Marvel TV Shows Edition

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Today is the day, honeybees! We’re finally here to talk about the MCU on Binge-Worthy Buzz. We’ve been wanting to bring up the subject of Marvel shows for ages, but never really found the right time. And then Disney announced that the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage would be joining the Disney+ catalog on March 16.

Don’t worry, though, those aren’t the only Marvel-related contents we’ll be mentioning today. After all, there is a ton of Marvel movies and shows we highly recommend everyone watches. We’ve talked about some of them in the past, which is why things like The Falcon And The Winter Soldier or WandaVision won’t be on this list. We’ve established they’re amazing and should be on your watch list. With all that being said, let’s get into today’s list.

**But before we get started, we should warn you about spoilers for the MCU in general, especially their last released movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home**


Everyone who watched Spider-Man: No Way Home remembers the moment Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock showed up as Peter Parker’s lawyer. That moment caused two types of reactions: those who knew Daredevil and were wondering if his appearance made the show part of MCU canon; and those who did not know the show and might’ve asked what Charlie Cox was doing in a Spider-Man movie. Either way, we hope it was enough to make more people want to watch Matt Murdock protect Hell’s Kitchen in the three seasons of Daredevil.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a former superhero turned detective whose life is going as well as it can considering her past (which we won’t tell you about here). After an accident, Jessica decides to stop using her super-strength to be a hero and opens her own detective agency, Alias Investigations, in New York. Her life as a private investigator is going well until an old villain from her superhero days comes back and forces her to get back in action. For three seasons, we get to follow Jessica in her adventures.

Luke Cage

The character of Luke Cage first showed up in Jessica Jones before getting his own show. Luke is a former convict who now uses his superhuman strength and unbreakable skin to fight crime all over Harlem. Yep, a lot of these take place in New York City, guess heroes and villains just love that city. Luke got his powers from a failed experiment that he runs away from. But soon his past comes back to haunt him and he has to face it. We’re honestly sad there’s only two seasons of this show.

Iron Fist

The next show on our list follows the story of Danny Rand, an expert in martial arts capable of summoning a mystical power called, you guessed it, the Iron Fist. Danny spent 15 years away from New York City, during which everyone thought he was dead. When he decided to return to the city, he does so with the goal of taking back his family’s company, but Danny’s fate seems to have other plans.

The Punisher

Like his buddy, Luke Cage, the Punisher, had his first appearance in someone else’s show, in his case, it was in Daredevil. He was in the second season of Matt Murdock’s show and got one for himself soon after. Frank Castle, or the Punisher, as most know him, acts as a vigilante in the streets of New York. He starts out seeking revenge on those responsible for the loss of his family, but of course, he finds out there’s a lot more going on in the criminal underworld of NYC.

See Also

The Defenders

The great crossover miniseries resulting from the shows listed above deserves a place in this list. After watching these characters separately for many seasons, it feels wonderful to watch them all together defending (hehe) New York. Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, Danny Rand, and Luke Cage join forces (and powers) in this story in order to fight the Hand, a supervillain organization threatening their beloved city.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Did you really think we’d forget the show that started it all? The first Marvel TV show had to be included in this list. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the story of Agent Phil Coulson after everyone thinks he dies before the battle of New York in Avengers. In reality, he’s very much alive and leading a new team of agents in a series of missions. Our favorite part about it is how this team isn’t made up of superhumans, they’re regular people with not-so-regular skills, going from being gifted scientists to being able to beat just about anyone in a fight.

These were our arguments to make you watch the new (old) Marvel shows coming to Disney+ on March 16. Let us know if we’ve convinced you by tweeting us @thehoneypop! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram.

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