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TXT’s 3rd Anniversary Fanlive Shone So Bright, We Had To Share It With You!

TXT’s 3rd Anniversary Fanlive Shone So Bright, We Had To Share It With You!

Over the weekend, TXT held their third-anniversary fanlive over two special nights with MOA X TOGETHER! The 4th Gen ‘It’ Boys hold a special place in our hearts here at THP, and we weren’t the only ones thrilled to know that Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai would finally perform in front of MOA, face-to-face!

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Image Source: Courtesy of BigHit Music

TXT’s third-anniversary fanlive was marked by an emotional two nights dedicated to their Korean and Global fanbases. Upon opening, the boys stated, “We’ve been meeting with our fans every March through our annual fanlive. We feel incredibly blessed to be able to meet with more and more MOA each year. We’re sure you’ve awaited this day as much as we have. We hope everything we’ve prepared today exceeds all your expectations.”

The event – held both on and offline via live streaming – featured a wealth of entertainment and tender moments between TXT and MOA. In true TXT fashion, they took all of their fans into consideration. The first night was dedicated to their Korean fans, and the second night was a Global theme, with songs performed in English and Japanese. TXT wanted to make sure this anniversary fanlive was special for all MOAs!

TXT may be young, but their performances have the feel of a group far more seasoned, and MOA X TOGETHER was no exception. We were taken to ‘Magic Island’ by their astounding vocal performances, warm atmosphere, and sparkling eyes. True to the event’s name, MOA X TOGETHER‘s setlist was designed with MOA in mind.

To celebrate their anniversary at this fanlive, the quintet opened with the loopable dance break version of ‘Blue Hour,’ and then went on to share fan-faves like ‘Cat + Dog,’ ‘Dear Sputnik,’ ‘Way Home,’ and even a first-time performance of the beloved ‘Sriracha’ cover (originally by Marteen). We at THP also had ‘MOA Diary’ on our wishlist, and there’s no need to “wari wari,” TXT never disappoints. Along with ‘MOA Diary,’ they also performed ‘Anti-Romantic,’ ‘0X1=LOVESONG,’ and more!

In addition to the musical performances, the members played games, chatted with MOA, and became understandably emotional. We all know that TXT is one of the hardest-working boy groups out there—they have some of the best live vocals and cleanest choreos in the 4th gen. The way they have continued to put 100% into their performances is inspiring, and TXT showed their best selves at this anniversary fanlive. Both Yeonjun and Soobin shed a few tears, (and we know plenty of MOA did, too).

In usual TXT fashion, the three younger members were there to comfort them with hugs and shoulder-pats. We at THP can’t imagine how it must have felt to finally meet their fans face to face, in an event dedicated just to them. The boys and MOA both needed and deserved this beautiful meeting!

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Image Source: Huening Kai via @TXT_members Official Twitter

To close the show, the Tubatu boys had more sweet words to share. “Thank you to all MOA who have come to see us both offline and online. It feels as though we are becoming closer as friends who can truly understand one another. Today, we’re reminded once again of how lucky we are to have met our MOA. We won’t take this for granted. We are and will remain thankful for your existence.”

Like so many performers, TXT has expressed frustration at not getting to meet fans in person since the beginning of the pandemic. Even so, this only made TXT’s third-anniversary fanlive even more special. Now that restrictions are loosening, we know TXT is already gearing up for their next big thing, including a Metaverse event and (probably, hopefully, we really, really hope) a new album or minisode soon! One thing is for sure, they show no signs of slowing down and they’ll continue to deliver record-breaking, innovative music.

Image Source: Courtesy of BigHit Music

While we all wait, head over to The Honey POP on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to tell us what you think TXT will do next (or what song Beomgyu will finally release for his cover)!


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