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We Are Drowning In 5SOS Content Right Now, And We Love It!

We Are Drowning In 5SOS Content Right Now, And We Love It!

The music gods have been listening to us because we have been praying for new 5SOS content and we are not disappointed. Not only have we been gifted the ‘Complete Mess’ studio version, but we’ve also been given a live version too! Thank you, music gods, thank you, James Corden, and thank you, 5SOS! 2022 is truly the year of 5SOS content, even if some of it is… questionable. Since there’s so much new content, let’s break it all down, shall we?

James Corden: And They Were Roommates!

Image Source: Terence Patrick

5SOS sat down with James Corden to give us the most recent dose of 5SOS content. With their nice little drinks, and their chaos, the guys gave us a bit of an inside scoop on what writing 5SOS5 in Joshua Tree was like. (Still no word on the album itself, though. Kinda rude if you ask us! Just kidding. Well, sorta!) We even got to hear about 5SOS‘s surprise visitor that they had the pleasure of rooming with during their time in the Airbnb.

We were cohabitating, if that’s a word, let’s go with that. With this older kind of groundskeeper guy.

Ashton Irwin on The Late Late Show with James Corden

We were happy to hear that their housemate was nothing but kind! (And apparently, an excellent pancake chef! Yum. We’d like some too, please!) Though his identity is a secret, we here at The Honey POP know for a fact he’s an icon. Shout out to him for keeping the inspiration flowing, and shout out to the boys for giving us a good story to laugh about. We truly appreciate it.

‘Complete Mess’ Live And In Color!

Image Source: Terence Patrick

On top of sips and stories, we got what we’ve all been waiting for, a live version of ‘Complete Mess.’ If you know us, you know we love a good Michael solo, and this live Michael solo was impeccable. Each of them truly showed their talents with this song, and we want to hand them a GRAMMY right here, right now. They’ve been killing the game for 10 years, yet every single time we get a new track, we’re stunned.

[apple_music_ad artist=”5SOS” song=”Complete Mess”]

These boys know how to make a stage their own. We couldn’t tear our eyes away as we watched them own the stage! It was truly mesmerizing. There’s no doubt in our minds that this band was born to play music, and we’re glad we get to see it! We are in constant awe of the talent thrown at us daily, but this live version of ‘Complete Mess’ is a new level of talent. 5SOS took their talent, their ambition, and their chaos and shoved it into this performance.

If you wanna watch it for the first, or the millionth time, here it is!

Can’t Forget The iPad!

Image Source: Terence Patrick

No, we didn’t forget about the iPad. We’ve been trying, but we have clearly failed. Nah, we’re just kidding! iPads are fun! The boys have been busy the last few weeks. We’re tired just thinking about it! Interviews, Tiktok lives, live ‘Complete Mess,’ the 5SOS content is overflowing, and we love it! The last few weeks have been full of suspense, chaos, and iPads. We’ve created a new name for Calum Hood. He is no longer C-Dizzle Swizzle, no longer CalPal. He is now Sticky iPad Man!

On top of them being small children with an iPad, we cleared up some confusion! Luke Hemmings, our favorite lead singer, and his gorgeous fiancé Sierra Deaton did not get secretly married. Nope, they are still engaged. We love them still, married or not. As usual, the interviews and the lives we were blessed with were filled with nothing but chaos. It’s as if they never left our sight!

Manifest More Content!

Image Source: Terence Patrick

Though we’ve been blessed with loads of 5SOS content recently, we would still appreciate some more. 5SOS are now officially the kings of promo because they have us on the edge of our seats. Whether it’s a live stream or a bunch of random tweets, they are making us put in work for this new 5SOS content. We tip our hats to the kings. (If you guys are seeing this, give us a hint. 5SOS5? How soon?)

How obsessed are you with this new 5SOS content? Do you have your tickets to the Take My Hand Tour? If so, what show will we see you at? How many times have you played Michael’s solo? Be honest, it was a lot, right?. Let us know in the comments below! Or, you can reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! (We promise we don’t bite.)

Wanna hear our complete mess of thoughts on ‘Complete Mess?’ Click here!


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