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12 New Music Videos We Can’t Look Away From

12 New Music Videos We Can’t Look Away From

Music is pretty sick all on its own, but when artists take the time to give us a visual masterpiece to go along with the audio masterpiece? We can’t help but stan! These past couple of weeks, some of our favorite artists have dropped their own drops of artistic vision into the music video pool and we can’t wait to take a dip with you!

Keshi – ‘Get It’

With a visual as dramatic as the song itself, we’re not surprised Keshi made our list. The video, directed by the late Sebastian Sdaigui, is a masterful pairing, taking as many twists and turns as the song. Dancing, blood, smoke, and linens come into play in this fun music video, taking us for a ride the entire time. This is a new style for the ever genre-bending Keshi, but he keeps his own signature flair throughout. This is the first single off his upcoming album, GABRIEL, set to release March 25th, and is keeping us on our toes for what’s to come!

Diplo & Miguel – ‘Don’t Forget My Love’

We kinda forgot we were not watching a horror movie with Diplo‘s newest video. It is an almost grotesque take on the song, but we are totally obsessed. This video drops on the tails of his new self-titled album, Diplo, and hopefully gives us a taste of what the next music videos will feature. Are we going to get a continuation? Perhaps a sequel? Who’s to say, but we are keeping an eye out: both for new music vid drops as well as for the monster from the music video. We will politely pass on the face melting, thanks!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Poster Boy’

The Red Hot Chili Peppers (who we will now refer to as TRHCP for the rest of the article because that is a whole lotta words) released a fun, animation-style music video for the second single off their upcoming album. The fast-paced vintage cartoon style keeps us hooked the entire time in true TRHCP (okay, we thought the abbreviation would help but now that just looks weird… we’re keeping it) style. the video doesn’t seem to have any real linear progression, even going as far as to repeat some sections, but we are intrigued all the same! We can’t wait to see what the rest of their upcoming album, Unlimited Love, brings us!

Erica Manzoli – ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’

The most elegant and simple music video we have seen yet, Erica Manzoli takes us into the world of songwriting in her newest video for ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist.’ Erica explains the thought behind using a hologram of her playing the piano along with a real-time version of her belting her heart out:

The chorus sings “I wanna be awake, stuck in this hologram,” so I thought it was fun to play with the idea of a hologram for this video and accompany myself using a projector.” 

Erica Manzoli

The beautiful imagery almost serves to distract from the beautiful vocals. Key word: “almost.”

Topic x Robin Schulz x Nico Santos x Paul Van Dyk – ‘In Your Arms (For An Angel)’

Darkly lit. Dramatic. Stunning. Are we talking about the music video or you lip-syncing in the mirror at 3 AM? Who knows. What we do know is that this music video is a stunning work of art we just keep replaying. This music video was shot in Venice, Italy. (Kinda jealous, NGL – if you need us, we will just be working on our ‘travel’ Pinterest board) Richly atmospheric, it features stunning footage of dramatically-lit monasteries and moody lighting to pull together an honestly breathtaking video full of movement and mood.

Tiana Major9 – ‘Try Peace’

We take a ride over to the soul genre with our queen Tiana Major9, and hop out at her new single, ‘Try Peace.’ The intimate close-ups of the video capture the anxiety in the lyrics as she sings directly to the camera, making a connection with us. With beautiful cinematography and stunning colors, Tiana takes the cake in soulful, feminine, empowering music videos. Not to mention she looks gorgeous doing it!

Alice Merton – ‘Same Team’

Alice Merton tries her hand at storytelling in her music video for her newest single, ‘Same Team.’ Back-dropped by beautiful mountains, the alt-pop star gives us a dramatic short-story-style treat of a music video. If the mountains and colors didn’t catch your eye, the shadowy figure and blood on her hands sure will. This is a wonderful companion to the powerful track that is ‘Same Team’ and we can’t wait to see where Alice takes us next.

Pip Millet – ‘Ride With Me’

Starting out in black and white before literally ending up in a floating car, Pip Millet doesn’t fail to catch our attention in her newest video for ‘Ride With Me.’ Pip takes us on a story of breakup in juxtaposition to… a floating car? We don’t exactly understand the meaning, but it sure was fun to watch! Dramatic, eye-catching, and engaging, Pip continues to keep us hooked on her videos and her music! Kinda need to add a floating car to our daydream rotation…

Christian Alexander – ‘Waste Her Time’

Christian Alexander pops onto the list with his music video for ‘Waste Her Time.’ He’s found alone in the dark, giving us slight flashbacks to Shawn Mendes’ ‘Stitches’… just without the punching. The catchy guitar is making us want to get up and dance just as much as Christian is. The style is giving as well – sweater link now, please and thank you! Not to mention the indie-pop track is now a proud member of, like, half our playlists.

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10. IDMAN – ‘Good Life (2022)’

Dramatic (how many times can we use the word dramatic in one article? Goodness!) lighting and bubbles lead us over to IDMAN in the music video for ‘Good Life (2022).’ Side note, how heavy are those earrings? Our ears lend their condolences. On a more serious note, this music video has some honorable nods to serious topics. IDMAN pays homage to Ronnie Spector, famed singer of the Ronettes who endured abuse at the hands of Phil Spector. One particular scene in the video points to the rare occasion that Phil allowed Ronnie out alone, as she had to drive alongside a life-sized dummy of Spector with a cigarette in her mouth. It was important for IDMAN to honor Ronnie’s story of survival and the remarkable advocacy she carried throughout her life. We commend IDMAN for raising awareness for things so sadly common in our world.

Elyanna – ‘Al Kawn Janni Maak’

A beautiful music video for a beautiful song, we seem to almost enter a daydream in this dreamy video for ‘Al Kawn Janni Maak.’ With film camera quality and silky linens, this is totally what we think we look like when filming our “get ready with me” at 2 AM. Spoiler alert: we don’t. With the video being styled by Lana Del Rey and directed by her sister Chuck Grant, we aren’t surprised at the dreamlike quality.

It was such an honor to work with Chuck Grant. She’s one of the few that really understood my vision and brought it to life. Her sister, Lana Del Rey, was with me in every step shooting the music video. Lana has always been an inspiration to me. These two visionary and creative women believed in me and my talent even though the song was in Arabic, a language they are not familiar with. This gave me so much confidence on set and in my career as a whole.


Mandy Moore – ‘In Real Life’

Okay, technically this isn’t a music video… but come on, it’s just as cool! Mandy Moore stuns us with this announcement for her new album, In Real Life, set to drop on May 13th. We are a sucker for film cameras and Mandy delivers, giving us a sneak peek into what to expect with this new album and hopefully her music videos. Short, beautiful, and to the point. The music video or Mandy herself? You pick 🙂

And… scene! That’s a wrap! Which video was your favorite? Any videos drop this week you are dying for us to cover? Let us know in the comments section below! Or take it to socials by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also get the latest pop culture news and inside scoop by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

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