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Do You Want To Know Which Music Tour You Are Going To Attend In 2022?

Do You Want To Know Which Music Tour You Are Going To Attend In 2022?

Louis Tomlinson Music Tour 2022

Music tours are ramping up again in 2022 as live music is making a comeback in full swing!

Those words have been on our lips for quite some time as we waited for live music to return to its former glory. The devastating virus outbreak brought us misery and anguish in 2020-2021 with physical and social isolation and is still ongoing, but the music industry is slowly regaining its footing.

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Several album releases and high-profile tours were postponed or canceled, but the doors are open now, and things are not bleak and hopeless. As the live music scene is bouncing back after a pandemic downturn, music tours are lining up by prominent names and rising artists left and right, and artists are brushing up and preparing to embark on their most ambitious tour ever.

They have been sweating hard at rehearsals, reviewing lyrics, polishing their music equipment, curating gorgeous stage outfits, and buffing their skills to serve us the most enjoyable music tour nights throughout 2022.

While some of our favorite artists, including Louis Tomlinson, BTS (Permission To Dance), Justin Bieber, etc., are already touring their mega-hit music albums and discography. And soon, many other artists, from The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, Halsey, Maren Morris, Phoebe Bridgers, Shawn Mendes to Gen-Z powerhouses such as Billie Eilish, Maisie Peters, and Olivia Rodrigo, all will blow our minds.

Music is so much more than just sounds, lyrics, and rhythms. It is a magical symphony of the heart, a universal language that translates all emotions without words. Music serves as communication for some people and as therapy for others. It gives some people a sense of purpose and aim in life, while for others, it is everything.

Even though we experienced music via live streaming and online concerts during the pandemic and listened to it every day on streaming platforms, jamming out to playlists and grooving, the physical touch and intimacy were still missing. Both millennials and Gen-Z love music tours, festivals, concerts, and everything in between. The feeling is cathartic, euphoric, exhilarating, and liberating, as it is the perfect way to escape the daily grind and life hassles for a few hours.

Concerts and music tours are great opportunities for people to meet like-minded people in stadiums and arenas, share their love for music and passion for their favorite artists, form a community, and build emotional connections. We missed singing songs at the top of our lungs, touring around and meeting our musical heroes, sharing how they impacted our lives, for some, even turning them around. (We know because that’s how we felt.)

Image Source: Justin Bieber via Instagram

Business-wise, touring is a billion-dollar industry, so it will never go out of fashion. And with the current situation, it will continue to boom and grow exponentially as the industry grows both in talent and demand.

We know our bank accounts will suffer after we splurge for mosh pits, but after all, it is for fun and pleasure, so it is okay to indulge a little to pamper ourselves, right?

With high adrenaline rushing through our veins as we plan our music tour schedule to decide what concerts and gigs we want to attend, we put together a fun music quiz for you.

Image Source: GIPHY

Put Together Your Dream Concert Lineup, And Find Out Which Artist You’ll Meet On A Music Tour In 2022.

Whoever performs at it will make or break it for you.

Now it’s your turn to curate a dreamy music tour lineup and send us a special invitation.

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You’ll do it, won’t you? Of course, you would!

Congratulations! You have finished the quiz and made it to the end.

Which artist will you tour the world with? And who is in your dream music tour lineup? We’d love to hear about it, so share with us and tweet us at @TheHoneyPop. If you have any suggestions for artists we should also include, hit us up below.

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