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Marshmello’s Sound Makes Us Feel Ecstatic Even ‘BeFoRe U’ Press Play

Marshmello’s Sound Makes Us Feel Ecstatic Even ‘BeFoRe U’ Press Play

Masked or not, Marshmello is an out-of-this-world talented DJ! And here at The Honey POP, we’ve been paying close attention to his new sounds, because… wow! Every single he releases becomes an instant hit. And who would blame the phenomenon? From perfect collabs to working some musical magic in renowned games, there is no arguing that everyone is a lot ‘Happier’ since he took the stage! But it’s been his most recent single ‘BeFoRe U’ that made us want to have a look through some of his brilliant signature work in the gaming scene. Because if there’s something Marshmello knows how to do best, it’s setting a mood and giving fans across platforms even more than they bargained for! That’s talent alright!

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‘BeFoRe U’ Is Also Making Us Vibe In Fortnite

Marshmello moves us at a chiller pace with this track! And given the current state of permanent chaos out in the world, it’s no wonder why it was the most voted to be launched first from the lineup of his upcoming album Joytime IV. We feel it’s got the right vibe to keep us company, and to all Fortnite gamers out there, you’ll be thrilled to find it in-game as we speak! Let us help you indulge in this smooth melody he cooked up for us!

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‘Happier’ Ft. Bastille Makes A Grand Appearance In Let’s Sing 2021

Karaoke fans have got to agree with us that this tune is a total win! And to further prove it, the powers that be developed a game that features this track in its sing-along options! Genius, right? But we also thought you should give it a go wherever you are, so we brought you the video to Marshmello’s lyric video to help you feel ‘Happier.’

‘Silence’ (Blonde Remix) Ft. Khalid Speeds Up The Cars In Forza Horizon 4

Every racing game has some signature tunes that make you want to blast the speakers as you drift, turn, and overpass the rest of the competitors. Forza Horizon 4 chooses this remix of Marshmello and Khalid‘s ‘Silence’ to aid players in their pursuit of speed! And we are fully invested in the choice. Want to know why? Just push play…

‘Fly’ Ft. Leah Culver Raises Us To New Hoop Heights In NBA 2K19

In this single, Marshmello’s sound is upbeat and gives off a weightless feel. And if you ask us, that’s exactly why it got selected as a featured track! Basketball has dibs on defying gravity after all. Have you seen what some NBA players can do? And if you are or were to play this game, we bet this tune only heightens the adrenaline!

Is ‘BeFoRe U’ your cup of tea? How do you feel about Marshmello’s sound? Have you played any of these games and enjoyed these songs? You can tell us in the comments below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. And to never miss out on any buzz-worthy update, follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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