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These 8 Music Videos Deserved A Cinematic Debut

These 8 Music Videos Deserved A Cinematic Debut

There’s nothing like a good music video to bring a song’s story to life. Whether that’s through simple aesthetics or over-the-top effects, it’s like watching a movie play out right before our eyes.

This week, we have been blessed with some absolute fire videos that were so movie-worthy that they should’ve had a cinematic debut! Hold on to your hats and wigs because here are eight of them!

‘Silver Screen (Shower Scene)’ – David Guetta x Felix Da Housecat x Kittin

This entire video is like watching a mini-movie! It’s thrilling, enticing, and overall, enjoyable to watch. The video is in celebration of 50 Years Of Smiley to join in spreading optimism and positivity, and with cameos from @dudewithsign and André Saraiva, it’s definitely a party! It’s a masterpiece, but we expected nothing less from such talented artists. Stream the video here!

‘Frozen (Fireboy DML Remix)’ – Madonna Vs Sickick

Madonna has been giving us bops for as long as we can remember, and while we LIVE for the originals, we love when people take classic songs and add their own twist to them. This remix is the perfect example of that; it’s explosive through and through, from the visuals right down to the trap beats and infectious synths. We’re going to be watching this endlessly from now until forever! Stream it here!

‘Right Down The Line’ – Mills

[apple_music_ad artist=”Mills” song=”Right Down The Line”]

Mills pays tribute to Gerry Rafferty with this release, and the video, which was filmed in Jamaica, has given us a serious case of FOMO! It’s got us wishing we could travel and go on all sorts of incredible adventures, and Mills looks like the kind of guy that would be cool to hang out with! This song has such a chill and calming vibe to it, and it’s perfect for road tripping and those days when you long to be literally anywhere else. Stream it with us here!

‘Never Ending’ – BENEE

Our love for BENEE grows with every release, and this one is no different! We adore this song and video because BENEE further proves that she doesn’t fit inside one box. She often pushes her boundaries and grows as an artist – bending genres and expressing herself however she sees fit. This video, in particular, was haunting and intoxicating, and we are fully obsessed with it! Stream the song and video here!

‘Skin’ – Daisy Guttridge x Marc E. Bassy

Daisy has a voice that’s very reminiscent of Halsey, and in case you didn’t already know: WE.ARE.LIVING.FOR.IT. The visuals are just as stunning, evoking waves of emotion and making us sway along to the beat as we travel around the city with Daisy and her crew. We are going to have this on repeat from now until forever; join us by streaming here!

‘Kiss Me Right Now’ – TATYANA

We are living for the retro vibes of not only this song but also the music video! We feel like we have entered an alternate universe of old rom-coms, and that is exactly the place we’ve always wanted to be (HEY, LOOK MA, WE MADE IT)! This punchy track is already stuck in our heads, and we can’t help singing this into our hairbrush while dancing in a full-length mirror. You can stream with us by clicking here!

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Gaten Matarazzo sitting on the floor laughing

‘Numb Little Bug’ – Em Beihold

[apple_music_ad artist=”Em Beihold” song=”Numb Little Bug”]

Em Beihold has taken the world and the music industry by storm with ‘Numb Little Bug,’ and the music video is just as pleasing to your senses as the song is. The video flawlessly brings the song’s story to life by showcasing the way some of us live our lives day to day, battling depression or anxiety. Despite seeming alright on the outside, we are numb to all the joys in life and fighting to survive. It’s relatable and a little bit sad, but Em puts a fun spin on the visuals to keep it light and engaging. We just have one question – can our bee be the mascot for this song!? He’s ready for his closeup! Stream the song and video here!

‘Bag’ – Amanda Reifer

First of all, this song has got us dancing around our house like we don’t have a care in the world, and this music video may be simple, but Amanda made sure not to take away from the empowering message she’s giving to listeners on this track, and it gave us all the feels! Plus, Amanda’s vocals are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, and we are in love with everything about this video! BRB, we are adding this to every playlist we’ve ever created. Stream the song and video here!

There you have it, honey poppers, eight music videos from this week that deserved cinematic debuts! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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