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Your Weekend Hulu Binge Fest, Based On Your Favorite TV/Movie Genre

Your Weekend Hulu Binge Fest, Based On Your Favorite TV/Movie Genre

With so many new shows and movies brought onto Hulu each month, there can be a lot of content to choose from. But sometimes choosing can be a bit daunting. A major choice overload, if you ask us! So this weekend, we want to help you out. Find out what you’re binging on Hulu this weekend just based on your favorite TV and movie genre!

For Comedy Lovers, Try Letterkenny’s International Women’s Day Special

If you’ve always been the one still laughing after someone said a joke, then this show was made just for you! The comedy series forces on the residents of Letterkenny, a rural town in Canada, and all the wacky antics they get into.

In honor of International Women’s Day, Letterkenny put out a special on the day of the holiday. Basically, the residents are at it again and this time, the ladies of the community are competing in an… anti-beauty pageant? Okay, okay, interesting. The winner of the contest will be crowned Miss MoDean-iality. Alright, we can see some wackiness happening there. Concurrently, in the B-plot, the guys share about women who they admire, such as actress Kim Cantrell and singer Celine Dion. Aww, okay, how lovely! 

You can watch the trailer for more information before hopping onto Hulu to watch the special here! And after you’re done, go ahead and give the whole show a try. We guarantee it’ll leave you laughing and tearing up.

For Documentary Fans, Try Flee (Eng Dub)

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Image Source via Hulu

If you spend hours upon hours browsing and looking at the newest documentaries, then you came to the right place. Flee is a documentary that is told mostly through animation (animation that is wonderfully made, may we add!) about Amin and his recounting of being a child refugee from Afghanistan. As the documentary goes on, Amin also deals with a secret he’s hidden for 20 years.

Mixing real interviews with striking visuals, Flee tells a story that we’re sure will leave you engaged throughout the whole viewing. You can stream Flee now over here.

For Adventure And Action Fans, Try Starkeisha

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Image Source from Andscape via Hulu

Looking for a little action this weekend? We know you are! For fans of this genre, we give you Starkeisha, a film inspired by songs from Music for the Movement. A young Black woman is suddenly transported into a dreamy and wondrous world of Blackness, and goes through a journey of self-discovery and finding her authentic self. 

Not only are the setting and costumes gorgeous, but from the looks of it, this movie will be jam-packed with hard-hitting scenes. Plus, this movie would be the perfect watch for Women’s History Month

Catch Starkeisha now streaming on Hulu here.

For Supernatural Lovers, Try Buffy the Vampire Slayer

An oldie but a goodie! It’s one of those cult classics in the supernatural genre, you know? And if you don’t know what Buffy the Vampire Slayer is, then how can you call yourself a supernatural fan? Just kidding! Real talk though, if you never watched the show then this is your perfect chance, because Hulu is now streaming the whole series!

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To catch those up to speed or if you need a little refresher, the show is about Buffy Summers, a teenager who hunts vampires, demons, and other supernatural entities around her town, Sunnydale. Listen to us when we tell you, you’ll be staying up all night watching this series. It’s that good!

To check out Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series yourself, head on over here!

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Need More To Binge? Try These Movies and Shows Now Streaming On Hulu!

  • For more documentaries, check out Two Men at War here.
  • For more in the comedy department, watch India Sweets and Spices here.
  • Those interested in true crime, try binging American Crime: Impeachment here.
  • Drama lovers! Check out Pose: The Complete Series here and Good Trouble: Season 4A here.
  • For horror fans, check out American Refugee here.

Know what you’re binging this weekend? How about sharing with us in the comments! And if you want to give us some recommendations for what to stream on Hulu, how about chatting with us by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or visiting our Instagram? We would love to swap suggestions with you, so don’t be shy!

Catch more things to watch, right here!


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