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4 Park Bom Songs You Should Know

4 Park Bom Songs You Should Know

Our vocal queen Park Bom is back with her newest single, ‘Flower!’ This song features Kim Minseok from MeloMance, and the result is one of the most beautiful ballads that we at THP have heard in a long time.

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The music video for Park Bom’s ‘Flower’ has an equally stunning location as well. Bom proves that she doesn’t need an elaborate set to move us with her talent and performance. Minseok’s vocals match with hers incredibly well, and they give us goosebumps every time we hear this track.

‘Flower’ is Bom’s first release in almost a year, and we were not disappointed! Here are four other Park Bom songs you should know!

Park Bom new song concept photo
Image Source: D-NATION

‘Spring’ Feat. Sandara Park

We’re starting off this list with ‘Spring,’ the amazing lead single for Park Bom’s solo debut in March 2019. It’s a refreshing and hopeful song about new starts, which is what she deserves and so much more. Sandara’s feature on this song feeds our Blackjack hearts, and we’re eager for a full 2NE1 reunion. The music video visuals, the chorus vocals, and the choreography are just the icing on the cake for us.


‘Shameful’ is another song from Bom’s debut single album Spring. It’s about a regretful and embarrassed ex-lover who stares longingly at her, thinking of what could’ve been. Bom is over it and tells them off in this empowering, upbeat dance song, and she even raps a small verse! Our queen can really do it all.

‘4:44’ Feat. Wheein

Switching gears from dance vibes to chill vibes, Park Bom’s song ‘4:44’ featuring Mamamoo’s Wheein is another masterpiece you should know. This song is so dreamy and emotional, especially with these ladies’ heavenly vocals. ‘4:44’ is the type of song you play when you want to romanticize your life or when you find yourself on a rooftop overlooking your city.

‘Do Re Mi Fa Sol’ Feat. Changmo

One thing we will never stop talking about is how obsessed we are with Bom’s unique soulful vocals. She released the single ‘Do Re Mi Fa Sol’ in March 2021, and we’re still not over it! It’s a soft R&B song about how simple it can be to love someone, so try not to make things complicated. Plus, Changmo’s singing and rapping on this track definitely fit the mood!

It’s hard to believe Bom is just coming up on her third solo debut anniversary when she’s been slaying the K-Pop industry for decades. Every song she releases moves us to tears, and we’re beyond proud of her for sticking with her music for so long!

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Park Bom new song concept photo
Image Source: D-NATION

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