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Rachel Chinouriri’s Talent Just Keeps Shining Brighter

Rachel Chinouriri’s Talent Just Keeps Shining Brighter

Another powerful star is on the rise in Rachel Chinouriri, and if you’re not a fan already, we’re hoping we can convert you. Rachel recently dropped her single ‘All I Ever Asked,’ and it’s hit us straight in the feels. The London indie-pop singer is going to become a regular both in our playlists and the international airwaves. We just know it.

Rachel is an incredibly skilled songwriter. All at once, she can make us feel the heartbreak in her lyrics and every emotion in the slight changes in her vocals, all while singing over an upbeat summery instrumental. ‘All I Ever Asked’ is the perfect example of her musical talent, and we love the inspirations behind the song. It can be hard to capture raw emotion and come to bittersweet realizations, but she’s done it so beautifully.

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‘All I Ever Asked’ was inspired by a breakup my friend was going through, and it made me reflect on a similar situation I was going through too; the feeling of asking someone you love to respect you in the simplest form and realizing it’s the bare minimum. It’s also about realizing your own worth and not settling for someone who cannot be what you need.

Rachel Chinouriri on ‘All I Ever Asked’

The video was shot in Los Angeles, filmed with the most beautiful outfits and gorgeous backdrops. It was like the film photos of the LA trip from our dreams were lifted out of our Pinterest boards and onto our screens. The sunshine suits Rachel, she is absolutely glowing. It’s no surprise this indie-pop gem has been named Clara Amfo’s Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1 in the U.K.

2022 Has Already Been A Big Year For Rachel

‘All I Ever Asked’ is Rachel Chinouriri’s second release of the year following her incredibly successful ‘So My Darling (Acoustic).’ Since its release in January, it has racked up an impressive 1 Million streams a week. This is, of course, down to her incredible artistry, but she’s also had a viral moment on TikTok. Ahead of its release, the sound was used 40k times and prompted a wave of videos supporting Rachel and her music, largely from Black female creators. We love to see women supporting women and lifting each other up.

The sound for ‘So My Darling (Acoustic)’ has been used over 175k times now, and there are so many gems. We just had to show you some of our favorite videos because our hearts can’t take it.

There’s so much love and light in the videos used under this sound, it’s so heartwarming. Rachel’s music is the perfect soundtrack for it. We really can’t wait for her to release more music, this is only the beginning of her star power. We know she’s just going to keep shining brighter and brighter. If you want to bask in the glow of her talent with us, then you can stream all her music here!

We’ll be listening to ‘All I Ever Asked’ for the foreseeable future, will you be joining us? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop. You can also join us on Facebook or Instagram. Come vibe with us!

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