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5 Maisie Peters Songs For Your Playlist That Make Us Go Psycho

5 Maisie Peters Songs For Your Playlist That Make Us Go Psycho

We’re about to add five Maisie Peters songs to your playlist that you need to be listening to asap. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

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We at the THP are obsessed with rising pop star Maisie Peters. And when we say “obsessed” we mean screaming and crying her-music-is-all-the-feels-and-we-can’t-stop-listening obsessed.

Maisie Peters is the queen of relatable lyrics. Choosing only 5 songs was a serious struggle, but without further ado, here are five of our favorite Maisie Peters songs to add to your playlist.

‘I’m Trying (Not Friends)’

Not friends, no we’re somewhere in between, ‘cuz you’re awful and I miss you and I killed you in my dreams last night.

Maisie Peters, ‘I’m Trying, (not Friends)’

If there is any song you should add to your “on repeat” playlist, it’s this one. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve yelled the bridge to ‘I’m Trying (Not Friends)’ at the top of your lungs while driving down the freeway with your windows down, and that’s a fact. This song perfectly describes the feeling of trying to figure out your relationship with an ex after a breakup. Maisie talks about trying to be the bigger person and stay friends, but sometimes life doesn’t work that way, and it’s messy and hard, but at least she’s trying. Maisie is never afraid of being raw and honest in her music and that is one thing we love about her. This song is the biggest bop, and it’s perfect for those days where nothing is working out and you just need to scream “at least I’m trying” at the world.


‘Psycho’ is one of our favorite Maisie Peters songs, and it deserves a spot on your playlist.

This song is not only a bop, its… kind of hilarious? Especially when paired with the music video, which depicts a girl sending a series of clones to torture her boyfriend. It’s honestly the best time. And that bridge… “all your exes found me and so beware, we’re all friends now maybe you should be scared”. It’s just perfection. ‘Psycho’ is also co-written by Ed Sheeran, and we stan anything and everything Ed Sheeran does, so this song is a must-listen.

Maisie and her twin sister Ellen
Image Source: Ellen Peters for Instagram

Did you know Maisie Peters has a twin sister? Her name is Ellen, and Maisie wrote ‘Brooklyn’ about her. This song makes us ugly cry. Hard. If you have any siblings or a best friend you love like a sister, you need to listen to this song now. Like, right now. This song brings us all the feels of hanging out with your favorite person on the planet. Sorry, give us a minute, we’re crying again.

‘Sad Girl Summer’

This song is the definition of “vibes”. It’s the ultimate summer vibes anthem. It’s a feel-good bop that you can just chill to, and it belongs on every playlist to exist ever.

‘Sad Girl Summer’ is that song you listen to with your BFFs in the middle of August when it’s hot and all you want to do is drink an icy lemonade in a frosty glass… We’re drooling. It’s just so perfectly mellow, and with summer coming up, we have it on repeat over at The Honey POP headquarters.

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‘In My Head’

We may have said this about every song, but ‘In My Head’ is one of our absolute favorites. It needs a spot on your playlist. Maisie perfectly captures that feeling of having a hard time moving on from a relationship, whether it be a romantic relationship or a friendship. We’ve all been there, and it hurts, and Maisie just gets it, you know? This song is pain, but in the best way, and we can’t get enough of it.

This dress too nice for a jacket, so I’m freezing, you walk past, and on habit, I lean in close to your touch, cuz I still think we’re in love, I know I should give it up

Maisie Peters, In My Head”

Image Source: Dominique Froud for Maisie Peters, You Signed Up For This

In conclusion, Maisie Peters knows us a little too well. But there you have it: five incredible Maisie Peters songs that you should add to your playlist immediately. What did you think of these tracks? Are you interested in Maisie Peters’s other songs? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!


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