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Get Through Heartbreak With MALIA’s EP What’s After ‘I Love You?’

Get Through Heartbreak With MALIA’s EP What’s After ‘I Love You?’

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A break-up is up there at the top ten of all the painful things a person can experience. Whether it’s romantic or even platonic, losing someone with whom you shared your hopes, dreams, and secrets is a feeling that takes a lot to recover from. R&B artist MALIA captures these emotions perfectly in her EP What’s After ‘I Love You?,’ chronological showcasing the stages of heartbreak and healing. 

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Image Source:  EP Cover Art by @dilipa via Instagram

As such, if you’re looking for something to help you get over a break-up, then MALIA’s newest EP is your medicine. To give you a taste of what we’re talking about, we’re going to give you the top three tracks to listen to mend your broken heart.

‘More Than Love’

‘More than Love’ is the newest visual released from her EP, and it perfectly encompasses the feelings of vulnerability that come with being in a relationship. The soft lo-fi melody plays well with MALIA’s feathery vocals as she expresses the questions and emotions of falling in love. Lyrics such as “what’s after ‘I love you?’ and “still don’t know exactly what this love will mean” are reminiscent of thoughts of if a relationship will last forever.

With the visuals being dreamy and grainy like an old film, this song is great for reflecting on the good and the bad of a past relationship. It may be painful, but hey, what break up isn’t? And while you reflect, it may help ease you into mending your broken heart.

‘Hung Up’ 

If ‘More Than Love’ encaptures all the feelings of hopefulness and wonderful memories of a past relationship, then ‘Hung Up’ is the messy, complex side of a relationship ending. In other words, ‘Hung Up’ is the personification of crying your heart out to your best friend that you hate your ex but still want them to text you.

As specific as that situation is, MALIA’s singing manages to showcase it to a T. Just listen to her live performance of this song! ‘Hung Up’ is the anthem to the mid-stage of a break-up: being angry at your ex while still loving them. It’s one of those therapeutic tracks to listen to over and over again for comfort while you recover from your break-up.

‘Only One’

From whimsical memories to complex “I-hate-you-I-love-you” feelings comes ‘Only One’ with just pure sadness. The visuals in the music video are both stunning yet bittersweet as we see MALIA in solitude, representing, in a way, the self-reflection stage of a break-up. Also, we can’t help to think of a part of MALIA’s note for the EP when listening to this song, as it fits into the message of ‘Only One:’

“Heartbreak is one of those life situations that can trigger you to call into question everything about yourself, who you are, how you show up in this world? You begin to examine each dark corner that may have been swept over in the past, all the way to the root of the limiting beliefs that may have been planted decades ago or more.”


It’s safe to say the questions about if you’ve fallen in love too fast or too hard are pretty normal after a break-up. Like MALIA mentions in her note, it’s the stage where you start to question yourself. It’s a painful process, but nevertheless, it can be an impactful one. Because you are questioning yourself in this stage, you begin to learn more about yourself and who you are. It is why we recommend listening to this song while practicing some self-care. You deserve it!

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Ready To Mend Your Broken Heart With What’s After ‘I Love You?’ 

If you’re ready to start healing, then check out the rest of the EP’s tracklist below. You can also listen to the full EP on MALIA’s here.

What’s After ‘I Love You?’ Tracklist
  1. ‘Falling Fast (interlude 1)’
  2. ‘More Than Love’
  3. ‘Currency’
  4. ‘Drive Me To Think (interlude 2)’
  5. ‘Hung Up’
  6. ‘Only One’
  7. ‘Everything And Nothing (interlude 3)’
  8. ‘Undone’

And after you’re done, tell us what you think about MALIA’s EP What’s After ‘I Love You?’ Which song spoke to you? Do you have any special remedies that you use to heal when you are heartbroken? Share them with us in the comments or on our Twitter and Instagram

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