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New Music Weekly: Oh Wonder and More!

New Music Weekly: Oh Wonder and More!

It’s that time again! We are here with new music weekly breaking down the best in what’s new for all of you! We have so many exciting projects to dive into, let’s go!!

Emily James – ‘Bird of Prey’

Emily James has one of those voices that just soothes you. You automatically feel at peace and cling to every word she’s singing. The concept for ‘Bird of Prey’ is one we couldn’t connect with more, always second-guessing and always pushing people away. If we need a good cry and a wake-up call regarding how we self-sabotage you’ll find us blasting this track.

Stream ‘Bird of Prey’ here!

Eden Rain – ‘Text Me When You’re Home’

We first fell for Eden Rain after hearing ‘Rent In The City’ and that awe of her hasn’t wavered. Eden is such an incredible lyricist and paints the clearest picture with her words. ‘Text Me When You’re Home Safe’ celebrates a love that isn’t necessarily romantic, the love of the simple statement that is just “text me when you’re home safe.” It’s a simple phrase but as the song paints, it’s one full of love.

Stream ‘Text Me When You’re Home’ here!

Emmo – ‘Still’

‘Still’ has a larger-than-life feel, especially when that chorus hits. This sounds like Bastille ‘Pompeii’ and that’s what ‘Still’ is giving with those almost choir-like moments. Emmo has an insane voice, that is perfectly showcased on this song that allows for him to showcase so many different things he can do vocally.

The same exhausted tropes are always in love songs – be it new, lost, unrequited love etc. But what about Love that is resolute? My aim was to credit the actuality of persistent and unfaltering love between couples who have been together for a long time despite the odds. Funnily enough, the song started as a slow moving piece but became this anthem like ballad after my guitar was knocked into a strange tuning from being loose in the back of my car. After some experimenting, the lyrics sprang to life with the new energetic sound from the accidental tuning

Emmo on ‘Still’

Stream ‘Still’ here!

Patrick Droney – ‘All Loved Out’

‘All Loved Out’ is the perfect piece of art to follow Patrick’s debut album. It’s beyond insane seeing how he just doesn’t slow down, puts out an album, and can follow that up with a song of this caliber. Aside from what a beautiful track ‘All Loved Out’ is, Patrick Droney has a voice smoother than butter.

Stream ‘All Loved Out’ here!

Alison Wonderland – ‘New Day’

Has Alison Wonderland ever disappointed? No! With Loner right around the corner, ‘New Day’ could not have come at a better time to hype us up! The idea that the track sounds like falling in love with life is a concept we can’t get enough of. We definitely see ourselves playing ‘New Day’ all summer long.

Stream ‘New Day’ here!

Avi Kaplan – ‘I Can’t Lie’

Avi Kaplan has a voice that was straight up heaven sent. Every time we hear him sing it feels like hot chocolate on a cold day, just the warmest, most comforting thing. His newest release, ‘I Can’t Lie’ has us beyond stoked for his album, Floating On A Dream, which we can expect on May 20th.

Stream ‘I Can’t Lie’ here!

David J – ‘U or Nothing’

David J is proving once again how TikTok is changing musicians’ lives. Adding a little bit of country to our new music weekly round-up, ‘U or Nothing’ is exactly the track we were looking for to kick off spring/summer. Seeing this new class of country blow and takeover is exactly what we love to witness.

Stream ‘U or Nothing’ here!

ASTN – ‘Real’

ASTN is really out here making the ultimate mood music. We want to be driving alone in the city at night with ‘Real’ playing at the loudest volume possible, nothing but vibes. We haven’t had this kind of music on new music weekly for a while and we couldn’t be happier. ASTN is just getting started.

Stream ‘Real’ here!

Chandler Leighton – ‘When You Say My Name’

Looking for a new alt-pop artist to obsess over? Look no further than Chandler Leighton! ‘When You Say My Name’ is a song full of confidence and is giving us very much sister of ‘Bad Guy,’ we are beyond here for this energy! Seeing this resurgence of the alt-pop genre is making us all too happy.

Stream ‘When You Say My Name’ here!

Ezra – ‘Riley’

Every single thing about ‘Riley’ has us putting Ezra right up there with our favorite artists at the moment. Pop-punk is breathed new life through this track, we simply can’t get enough. Ezra is blending that classic pop-punk sounds with more hardcore vocals seamlessly.

Stream ‘Riley’ here!

Bryan Adams – So Happy It Hurts

Bryan Adams is a legend, everyone knows that. Obviously, songs like ‘Summer of ‘69’ solidified that status, but he hasn’t slowed down in any sense! So Happy It Hurts has graced our ears and we can confirm these tracks are just as timeless and spectacular! Our favorite being ‘Just Like Me, Just Like You.’

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Stream So Happy It Hurts here!

Oh Wonder – ‘Magnificent’

It’s here! We finally have the other half to Oh Wonder’s 2021 release, 22 Break, entitled 22 Make. We have been massive Oh Wonder fans since the Self-Titled days, so excuse us if we’re freaking out just a little bit! ‘Magnificent’ is the absolute best way this era could have been kicked off. The track beautifully encapsulates why this duo will forever hold a place on our playlists. July 22nd can’t come soon enough!

Stream ‘Magnificent’ here!

Lyn Lapid – ‘The Outsider’

Lyn Lapid has joined our top-tier songwriter’s club, it’s now official. ‘The Outsider’ is painfully relatable. So many of us have had to reflect on a breakup and realize how we never saw the signs of the impending end. Having to realize you are the ‘The Outsider’ now. We’re going to go cry if you need us.

Stream ‘The Outsider’ here!

Camylio – ‘i tried

We got full-body chills as soon as we heard how perfect Camylio’s voice is. It’s so peaceful while also just having us completely shook. ‘i tried’ is a heartbreaking song, like come on “I guess hearts like mine were meant to be broke,” who writes that!? Someone who wants to watch us get hurt, that’s who.

Stream ‘i tried’ here!

Tove Styrke – ‘Hardcore’

After catching Tove Styrke last month on the Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land tour, we haven’t been able to turn off her music. On this week’s new music weekly we get to gush all about ‘Hardcore,’ her newest track from her album, Hard, set to release June 3rd! ‘Hardcore’ is a straight-up banger. The concept of the song, as Tove explains it “ if you die you die but it’s all in” is beyond genius. That is exactly how it feels to be head over heels foolishly in love with someone.

Stream ‘Hardcore’ here!

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite new music weekly track from this week? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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