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They Are (G)I-DLE And Back With ‘Tomboy’

They Are (G)I-DLE And Back With ‘Tomboy’

(G)I-DLE are back, and their latest project is here to show us exactly what these girls are made of. And let us tell you, they are a lot. I Never Die is the group’s first full album and the title track is the energetic ‘Tomboy,’ which we’ve had on repeat since release day.

Soyeon’s amazing production skills never stop surprising us, and (G)I-DLE’s versatility does have a lot to do with her creative and genius mind. ‘Tomboy’ is just another example, and a very good addition to the girls’ incredible repertoire.

After already feeling our hearts breaking, sensing the constant shadow of Cube Entertainment’s usual curse of letting their artists fall into a locked drawer, (G)I-DLE’s fans can now at least breathe a little better. With a much-deserved comeback, the group brings out a new and different energy from their previous piece, Hwaa, but still with the same powerful image they’ve been known for.

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One of the things that we admire the most in (G)I-DLE is precisely their very characteristic form of portraying a Girl Crush concept without overdoing it. With this style being sort of recycled these days within girl groups in K-POP, we do believe that these girls continue to stand out from the industry in the best way.

With honesty, we do believe this might be because, so far, they’ve been keeping it with a classy sort of feel. Even though strong on their high heels, (G)I-DLE rarely resort to super-strong beats and some “in your face” attitude – nothing wrong with that, mind you. But they truly stick apart from similar groups, and ‘Tomboy’ shows off exactly why.


(G)I-DLE First Full Album | I Never Die
Image Source: Cube Entertainment

In any case, (G)I-DLE’s ‘Tomboy’ is an outstanding piece that goes way beyond what we were expecting. We’re hooked on the guitar riffs and we’re in love with their voices – we might be a little too addicted to Soyeon’s line, “Why are you cranky, boy?

We’re not usually big fans of a chorus without lyrics. However, with a rich melody and instrumental, it is easy to see this as an acceptable choice! In addition, the awesome pre-chorus build-up – filled with the amazing voices of Miyeon, ShuHua and Yuqi – does make up for that detail.

Lastly, but by far not the least, the final portion of the song does not find in itself a very deep and complex structure. But it does end with a different form, not falling for a final chorus and opting for a bridge that clearly calls out the girl’s identity. Also, we do believe this is the “La-la-la” of the year for K-POP – there, we said it!

Final Thoughts

Overall, ‘Tomboy’ is an amazing song. And it’s different with its punk-pop highlights, which is quite refreshing these days. It almost feels a bit nostalgic, but not quite – it has a rather modern feel we can’t get enough of!

We just have to say that the group keeps impressing, and we do love that they keep moving forward and showing new sides of their art while sticking to their roots. We can’t wait to keep supporting (G)I-DLE in the future, and they certainly deserve a lot of love.

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What about you? Are you ready to shower (G)I-DLE with love? What are your thoughts on ‘Tomboy’ and the rest of (G)I-DLE’s incredible comeback? Share with us all at @TheHoneyPop!

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