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Imagine Dragons’ Latest Powerful Single, Found Its Way To Our ‘Bones’

Imagine Dragons’ Latest Powerful Single, Found Its Way To Our ‘Bones’

We are at a loss for words…how is it possible that Imagine Dragons always find the perfect sound each time? We are not even close to being over our obsession with ‘Enemy,’ and they serve us brilliance again! So, ready your playlists to be crowned by a brand-new powerful single. And we can feel it in our ‘Bones’ that we are witnessing the epic release of some very Imagine Dragons-ish bit of wisdom. So, join us as we celebrate this sneak-peek into their upcoming album Mercury-Act 2. And here’s to hoping it helps us appease the anxiety of not having an exact date for when the album is coming out!

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How To Give Fans All They’ve Ever Wanted (Imagine Dragons’ Edition)

There’s no rocket science here. Imagine Dragons put a song out in the world, and everyone goes wild! Our guess? They know how to bare their souls into lyrics, and that’s no small feat! So it’s high time we vibe to open and loud tunes about complex feelings. Besides, Imagine Dragons’ songwriting is the stuff of legends! Please play the recent ‘Bones’ lyric video and discover it yourself. 

Are you a ‘Believer’ yet? At least we hope you are still as hooked on the chorus as much as we are. And we are pleased to know many would relate! “I-I-I got this feeling, yeah, you know.”

Inspiration Comes To Those Who Sing Along To Imagine Dragons!

How crazy fantastic is it to be alive as Imagine Dragons roam the Earth? We feel like we are ‘On Top of The World!’ And it’s a true wonder to watch their ‘Natural’ talent take over the charts by storm. So, we can’t help but thank our lucky stars! Because their words have inspired us ever since ‘It’s Time,’ the anthem that gave us: “I’m never changing who I am.” And now, with ‘Bones,’ they explore life and death and all its ordeals. 

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‘Bones’ is a reflection of my constant obsession with the finality and fragility of life. I’m always in search of some evidence that will convince me that there is more to come that life is truly eternal in some sense. Having yet to find that, I try to at least dream of what conquering death would feel like in a song.

Dan Reynolds

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And with that, Dan Reynolds blows our minds again! There’s truly some “magic in his bones.”

Some Surprises and Fan Artworks Born Out Of ‘Bones’ That Deserve Praise

Every new Imagine Dragons single comes with exquisite works of fan art. This time is no different, and you can find loads of gems in the restless feed of tweets! And the world is a better place with all the fans sharing their talent while celebrating their love for ‘Bones.’ So, there’s no doubt that a few hours is all it takes for Imagine Dragons music to pique our interest and result in artwork! Have a look at these two!

And it’s not only fanart that we could find these days. We were gifted with a short preview of a trailer for the upcoming series The Boys. It looks like season three is coming, and our ‘Radioactive’ heroes were chosen. We find no fault in this plan! We would have picked them too!

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And we reach the end of our rant over how flawless Imagine Dragons are; there’s one more thing we’d like to ask. “Do you feel the same when they are away from us? (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh) Do you know the line that we’d walk for them?” We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or you can always join us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!

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