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QUIZ: Which Machine Gun Kelly Album Cover Are You?

QUIZ: Which Machine Gun Kelly Album Cover Are You?

Machine Gun Kelly’s Mainstream Sellout era is in full swing, and we can’t get enough of any of the album covers he’s using. He’s really outdone himself this time around – we have a digital cover, a standard cover, a deluxe cover, and even different variants for UK versions! It’s the perfect example of his versatility and thoughtful artistry.

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The newly-unveiled digital album cover sees Kells rocking out on his guitar while unshown critics throw tomatoes at him. It’s a reference to the criticism he’s gotten as his recognition has only grown, and in true unbothered MGK fashion, he’s turning it into a statement about his resilience. It’s also a pretty cool fashion statement, with the recolored tomatoes matching his pink hair. 

Image Source: Bad Boy/Interscope Records

The original album cover is just as meaningful, showing Colson covered in silver paint and looking down at his guitar in a more reflective moment… quite literally. Starting with the obvious: he’s painted silver and it covers up his signature tattoos: tattoos that represent his journey as an artist and a person, and which truly make him who he is. It mirrors how the media, and even the public, try to make him out to be someone he’s not, making him feel like he has to hide his true self.

All the while, you can see his reflection in the guitar he’s holding. It’s a statement on how his music is a reflection of who he really is, and how he wants to focus on his art rather than what people might say about him. The blue eyes in the reflection also remind us of his blue eyes on the red ‘bloody valentine’ cover art! ‘bloody valentine’ is when his music really went mainstream – that song was truly inescapable, whether it was on social media or the radio.

Image Source: Bad Boy/Interscope Records

With all this talk about his latest album art, we’ve been thinking a lot about MGK’s previous album covers. Whether it’s the masterpiece that is the General Admission art or putting personal elements like a childhood photo and his handwriting on Hotel Diablo, Kells never fails to give us an amazing cover. So why not find out which one matches you? Take our quiz below and we’ll match you up with your ‘twin flame’ of album art!

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Which album cover did you get? Which Machine Gun Kelly album art is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Be sure to pre-order Mainstream Sellout right here and click here for more Kells content to keep you occupied until release day. 


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