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Tracks To Get You Ready For Yuna’s Y5 Album Series

Tracks To Get You Ready For Yuna’s Y5 Album Series


Yuna is a Malaysian artist that we think you need to add to your playlists immediately! She has been releasing bops for 10 years already. You heard that right, 10! And there is no slowing her down any time soon. 

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Yuna’s newest project, Y1, is just the beginning as it’s the first taste we get to her album Y5Y5 consists of five projects we will be getting throughout this year, starting with Y1. This album is very special because not only do we get it digitally, but Yuna also made it into a visual album, and if you’ve been around THP for a while, you know we love visual albums! 

Image Source: @yunamusic on Twitter

The Y1: A Visual Experience includes the three new tracks from the album, ‘Hello,’ ‘Pantone 17 13 30,’ and ‘Cigarette.’ We get a deeper look into the stories of each, as they all blend together nicely, in this 10-minute visual experience. We think you should listen to the album first to see if you can imagine what each song looks like. Because Yuna and Adam Sinclair, perfectly, to a T, brought what we envisioned to life. And the setting and tones of the video go so well with Yuna’s soft voice. 

You can stream Y1 here.

We know you’re always in need of new music because you can never go wrong with new music. So, whether you’re a new or old stan, we present to you five tracks by Yuna to check out before the completion of Y5.

‘Pantone 17 13 30’

Right off the bat, we’re starting with one of her newest tracks, ‘Pantone 17 13 30.’ Not only are the lyrics so lovely, but they are also freaking clever. She starts off with, “The sun on my skin / Colors all around me / come to life / It matches my complexion / The sand, sky, and ocean.” Then soon after mentions, “Pantone 17, ah, 13 30 / When I’m in the sun / And you tell me I’m the one, yeah / Pantone 17, yeah, 13 30 / The color of my skin.” BTW, for more imagery, this is Pantone 17-1330:

Image Source: hue-chrome on Tumblr

Big mind indeed. It’s also our fave track off of Y1.

‘So Right’ Shaun ft. Yuna

We think Shaun and Yuna’s voices blend so well together, and it was gonna be sooner or later that they collabed. ‘So Right’ is the perfect track to play while relaxing in the sun with that special someone. And the short film for it perfectly embodies that. It’s adorable, by the way. Plus, as Summer is quickly approaching, it fits perfectly into your Sunny Summerday playlists.

‘Don’t Blame It On Love’ Yuna + Pink Sweat$

If we could put two artists with voices that embody the sun in one room and ask them to make a song, it would be Yuna and Pink Sweat$‘ in ‘Don’t Blame It On Love.’ Anytime Pink Sweat$ jumps on a track with someone, we know it’s going to be nothing less than gold, and this was no exception. So if you need a track to play for your S.O. to let them know they can’t use love as an excuse to treat you bad, this track is perfect for that. 


We’re throwing it back to Yuna’s first international album, Yuna. ‘Decorate’ is about begging yourself to hate the one that left you but always letting them back in, no matter how much it hurts. She goes from singing how much she hates them to saying, “‘Cause you know I don’t mind, Just come back when you think it’s time…,‘ which we know a lot of us can relate to. It can be hard to escape the endless cycle, but sooner or later, you find an exit. 

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‘Crush ft. Usher’

Yuna and Usher. That’s the reason it’s on this list…Just kidding, but no, for real, how much more iconic can it get than Yuna and Usher one track? Especially with a track like ‘Crush.’ We know we’ve mentioned that Yuna’s voice blends well with her counterparts’, but this one, there’s just something special about this one. It must be Usher’s deeper voice, mixed with Yuna’s silky tone. 

Don’t mind us, we’ll just be here listening to Yuna, as you should be…

Gif Source: Tenor

So, what was your fave track from Y1? What Yuna track is your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more music? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!


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