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TXT’s Beomgyu Gifted MOA His Solo Cover ‘Wonder’ For His Birthday!

TXT’s Beomgyu Gifted MOA His Solo Cover ‘Wonder’ For His Birthday!

MOA, can you believe Beomgyu’s solo cover of ‘Wonder’ is finally here!? We waited (not so patiently) for months as Beomgyu and the other members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER teased us with hints. The wait was totally worth it, because not only did Beomgyu gift us with the song, but with a romantic video as well.

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Released in celebration of Beomgyu’s 21st birthday on March 13th, this ethereal rendition of ADOY’s ‘Wonder’ has a sweet and dreamy atmosphere. The accompanying video shows Beomgyu exploring nighttime Seoul, with his gentle vocals lulling us into a state of calm contentedness. Images of the Han River and low-lit city make us feel like we’re on a date with Beomgyu (as if we weren’t already delulu enough…), adding visual depth to the already beautiful song.

Image Source: @TXT_bighit official Twitter

Beomgyu may be TXT’s resident trickster, but we at The Honey POP know he has a heart of gold and the voice of an angel. Beomgyu’s cover of ‘Wonder’ perfectly suits his smooth, airy vocals. He is the epitome of casual handsome while he takes us around Seoul, headphones in his ears. While many of TXT’s cover songs originate from Western acts, Beomgyu chose a song that sits a little closer to home. ‘Wonder,’ originally released as the title track of ADOY’s 2018 EP, is a special song to Beomgyu that he chose with MOA in mind.

I like ‘Wonder’ and the artist [ADOY] very much. The song is comforting and the lyrics are wonderful, so I really wanted to sing this song with my voice for MOA.


Image Source: @TXT_members official Twitter

Although we can’t exactly say MOA was patient in waiting for Beomgyu’s cover of ‘Wonder’ – there were daily cries for its release over on Twitter – we can count on MOA to be supportive. The video on TXT’s official YouTube channel has already racked up nearly one million views and over 200k likes in just a couple of days.

With his version of ‘Wonder,’ Beomgyu joins his bandmates in the hall of legendary TXT cover songs. The group did a special version of Shawn Mendes’s ‘In My Blood’ to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of their debut. Since then, TXT has become known for their amazing covers of various pop songs. Some of our faves here at THP are Taehyun’s cover of Zayn’s ‘Let Me’ and Huening Kai’s groundbreaking covers of ‘Youngblood’ by 5 Seconds of Summer and ‘Sk8er Boi’ by Avril Lavigne. And good luck finding someone who can stop themselves from singing along to their version of Marteen’s ‘Sriracha.’

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On a more serious note, we here at THP are mad-proud of Beomgyu and super thankful to him for giving us such a ‘wonder’ful gift on his own birthday. TXT’s hard work never ceases to amaze us, and we feel so lucky that these covers are part of TXT’s incredible discography. Beomgyu’s cover of ‘Wonder’ lives up to its namesake, and we’re so excited to add it to our TXT cover-song playlists!

Listen to Beomgyu’s cover of ‘Wonder’ on Soundcloud, download it, or check the video on TXT’s official YouTube! Once you’ve gotten your fill, hop over to The Honey POP on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to tell us how much you loved it!


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