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5 Songs By PinkPantheress Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs By PinkPantheress Your Playlist Needs

If your playlist is missing a few puzzle pieces, here are five songs from PinkPantheress we at The Honey POP can’t do without! PinkPantheress has conquered TikTok and the UK music charts with her gritty, mystical, horror-show-inspired style. She is influenced by powerful female building blocks of dark-pop, such as Lily Allen and Imogen Heap. We at THP are obsessed with the ‘modern nostalgia’ PinkPantheress creates with her tracks.

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Now, with over seven million monthly listeners on Spotify, PinkPantheress is building both her musical resume and a dedicated following. Although none of her songs are skippable, we at THP have scanned her moody discography for the must-haves you need in your playlist!

1. ‘Break It Off’

If you’re a TikTok regular, you’ve likely already heard of PinkPantheress and her viral single ‘Break It Off.’ The low electronic vibe combined with PinkPantheress’s chic vocals brings to mind early Grimes, but with a distinctly raw edge. You would think the short length of ‘Break It Off’ would make the song an underwhelming experience, but it does just the opposite. This song sweeps us into the PinkPantheress world with dark, chill vibes.

2. ‘bbycakes’ (Mura Masa with Lil Uzi Vert, PinkPantheress, & Shygirl)

This song is every bit as sweet as the title makes it sound. ‘bbycakes’ is like taking a two minute 52 second trip to the late 90s. Images of bellbottoms and candy hearts come to mind. Bubbly, with a hint of pop, this track is balanced by Lil Uzi Vert’s perfectly scratchy vocals and the signature PinkPantheress dark edge.

‘bbycakes’ is a must-have song for your PinkPantheress playlist.

3. ‘Passion’

One of our favorite things about PinkPantheress here at THP is the instant vibe the first few notes of her songs create. ‘Passion’ immediately transports us with the soft echo of an acoustic guitar. The airy, eerie mood of this relatable song centers on the feelings of broken relationships. PinkPantheress’s lyrical prowess is on full display in this track. Fast-paced sentences and gentle slant rhymes ease the track along in a clear testament to the pure talent of this apex music-maker.

4. ‘Just for me’

In terms of the nostalgic vibe that PinkPantheress aims to create with her music, ‘Just for me’ may be the height. This track has the unique effect of musical deja-vu, a sensation like you’ve heard before, while at the same time it feels totally new and enthralling. ‘Just for me’ is a classic underground synth track for a Friday-night living room hang. With the signature short length of PinkPantheress, this song is an experience, a momentary escape from life to a melancholic daydream.

‘Just for me’ is one of the songs featured on PinkPantheress’s first mixtape to hell with it.

5. ‘All my friends know’

We LOVE this song here at THP. ‘All my friends know’ gives the vibe of dropping your lollipop on the street on a hot summer day, a sweet taste you’ll never get back. Don’t we all need a good breakup song every now and then? ‘All my friends know’ encapsulates the dark, resigned feelings of losing something good, how it feels like every other relationship can be turned to turmoil by a break-up. PinkPantheress creates a soothing atmosphere contrasting with the heartache, with a purposeful piano intro, a quiet, bass-y body, and an uplifting vocal melody.

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‘All my friends know’ is a classic break-up song with PinkPantheress’s unique dark edge.

Honestly, we at THP would recommend putting all of PinkPantheress’ songs on your current playlist, and it wasn’t easy to narrow it down. However, her songs are probably the puzzle pieces you’ve been looking for on that foggy Sunday morning walk or lonely coastal drive. So let her sweet voice and slightly-spooky vibes wrap you up until your playlist feels more like a completed puzzle.

And once you’ve completed that perfect playlist, head over to The Honey Pop on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter to let us know what PinkPantheress songs are your faves!


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