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Kihyun Is A Rock And Roll VOYAGER

Kihyun Is A Rock And Roll VOYAGER

God of K-Pop enters. We all know the phrase, but we can finally say Kihyun of Monsta X has truly entered his debut solo era and we are living for it. His debut solo single album, entitled VOYAGER, consists of three thrilling and beautifully arranged tracks, each showing off a different side of his emotions and vocal ability. 

Listen to Kihyun’s intro announcement for his album! 

Seven years ago, the exquisitely talented K-pop group Monsta X debuted with their main vocalist by the name of Yoo Kihyun. Monbebes and non-monbebes alike have fawned over his vocals since then (ahem, ‘Lost In the Dream’ anyone?). Now, it’s his time to shine as a soloist, so let’s set sail and explore each of his solo tracks!

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“Feeling like a voyager, feel so free.
This relaxed feeling in my busy life.
The thrill I’ve forgotten, I can feel it.
The paradise I dreamed of, so beautiful.” 

In this track, Kihyun longs for a world that seems to exist only in his imagination, a world he can escape to when he’s feeling weary of his daily routine. Who can’t relate to that? ‘VOYAGER’ will take you on a journey out of the mundane into a rock and roll haven. 

‘, (COMMA)’

Hello, lyricist Kihyun! His newfound confidence in songwriting is a blessing for his fans and this album. This track feels like a fresh sea breeze, waking us up with its bright melody and Kihyun’s sweet vocals.

Through my lyrics, I wanted to express the inner feelings and thoughts of those who always try to be positive and cheerful.

Kihyun on writing ‘, (COMMA)’


We need to start by saying one thing. Kihyun delves into his deeper register in this track and we don’t think anyone was ready. His strong voice paired with the powerful, driving beat deliver a sonically darker track dealing with post-breakup feelings. 

With his debut solo album, VOYAGER, Kihyun goes on a journey to discover who he truly is. It might be a musical exploration of his own story, but it will resonate with anyone who has forgotten their own dreams in order to persevere through the difficult realities of life. 

Monsta X Member’s Support

Kihyun and I.M host a radio show on Naver NOW every Monday through Friday named Midnight Idol. On March 15, 2022, the day Kihyun’s album dropped, they prepared a special episode to celebrate.

Instead of having another singer or group attend as their guest, I.M hosted while Kihyun was the special guest. It was sweet to see the two members taking the time to mark the importance of the day for Kihyun. 

During the show, Kihyun mentioned that all the members gave him support while he was filming his music video. Even Monsta X leader Shownu, who is currently serving the mandatory South Korean military service, made sure to give Kihyun food on the music video set. (We miss you, Shownu!)

Monsta X’s main rapper, Joohoney, sent a coffee truck and even took some heart-warming photos to share with monbebe.

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We at The Honey POP want to say a very warm congratulations to Kihyun on his solo debut, VOYAGER, and also thank him for sharing his incredible talent with the world.

He teased that this is only the beginning of his solo career, but for now, we’re happy listening to this album on repeat while we wonder what more astounding music he has in store for us next. 

Monbebe, what do you love most about Kihyun’s solo debut? Which track do you have on repeat? Discuss with us in the comments, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or comment on our Instagram and Facebook

Now that you’ve heard Kihyun’s solo debut, check out Joohoney and I.M’s solo mixtapes too, then find out which four Monsta X songs Hyungwon wrote!



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