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Disney+ Embrace The Panda Is Just The Behind-The-Scenes Magic We Need!

Disney+ Embrace The Panda Is Just The Behind-The-Scenes Magic We Need!

It’s been a full week since the release of Turning Red, the brand-new Disney+ and Pixar animation, and we just can’t get over the story of young Mei Lee! In our defense, it features an adorable red panda. We ain’t need much! So naturally, we desperately wanted a sneak peek into the making of this gem! Yes, the merciful souls behind the programming of Disney+ gave us exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes in Embrace The Panda: Making Turning Red! And it is pure magic!

Image Source: Courtesy of Disney/Pixar

Introducing A Dream Team Of Powerful Women

Even within the first minutes, Embrace The Panda voices the ideas and inspiration that allowed a group of outstanding women to create Turning Red. And with that, we are introduced to four key players: Domee Shi (Director), Rona Liu (Production Designer), Danielle Feinberg (Visual Effects Supervisor), and Lindsey Collins (Producer). These women guide us through a most heartwarming documentary. None other than the story behind our new favorite Pixar animation!

Image Source: Still from Embrace The Panda: Making Turning Red – Disney+

When I come up with ideas, they’ll just start from a very primal, “I just want to see this cute thing on screen.”

Domee Shi

Wouldn’t we all just love to befriend her and sit down and talk all things cute for upcoming movies? Awww, that’s the dream! Still, for this group of wishful thinkers, an idea became an already successful and endearing animation. Much praise!

Image Source: Tenor

Visuals That Celebrate Culture And The Glories of Puberty

What we loved most about this animation is how effortless the portrayal of Chinese-Canadian culture feels. And it’s all because Domee Shi drew inspiration from her own personal story! How cool is that!? Now, everything from the color palette to the many details in each scene comes together beautifully in Turning Red. So, as they share some concept art in the documentary, we can only gaze in amazement at the result!

Image Source: Concept Art – Courtesy of Disney/Pixar

Also, another big topic in the movie is Mei Lee coming of age. And in Embrace The Panda, we hear firsthand how puberty became a central point in the story.

It’s bodily, it’s emotional. It’s all about, “can I embrace this? Can I grow into it? Can I still love who I am knowing that I’ve become someone that I’m not used to?”

Rona Liu

It feels like an ode to a very messy and intense part of everyone’s lives! And the metaphor of hosting an inner beast is just so on point, it’s hilarious!

Image Source: Tenor

Traveling Back In Time But Remaining Timeless

Toronto, Canada 2002. Pretty specific, right? It’s 20 years in the past. And somehow, it translates into a timeless feature film with a theme that is universal. And that’s a major guiding topic in the documentary. In the end, we all grow up and struggle with ever-changing emotions. So, puberty is at the heart of Turning Red! And in Embrace The Panda, we can see the various experiences that shaped our fabulous Mei Lee and company. We just love relatable, funny, and witty characters that we can quote, share, or even turn to on a day when everything feels like too much!

A Jolly Trailer That Compresses The Magic Of 48 Minutes

We don’t want to keep you from experiencing all that Embrace The Panda has to offer! So, we’ll leave you with this incredible trailer that only teases what’s to find in the documentary. Please don’t miss out, and give it a go whenever you can. You won’t regret it!

How did you like the trailer? Any thoughts on Embrace The Panda: Making Turning Red? We can’t wait to hear from you! Head to the comments below or reach us via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. And why not give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook! We’ll make sure you miss out on absolutely nothing!

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