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Five Pierce The Veil Songs We Need To See Live

Five Pierce The Veil Songs We Need To See Live

Attention pop-punk lovers! Pierce The Veil, one of our favorite bands, is gearing up to headline a UK tour this December. The San Diego-based trio, composed of Vic Fuentes (frontman/guitarist), Tony Perry (guitarist), and Jaime Preciado (bassist), are hitting the road for the first time in six years. To say we’re excited about this news is an understatement. In addition to touring, Pierce the Veil is cooking up new music in the studio, and we can’t wait to hear it!

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In honor of Pierce the Veil going on tour later this year, here are five songs we hope to see on a future setlist:

‘Bulletproof Love’

This track from their sophomore album Selfish Machines is a certified classic among fans, and we can expect this one to be on a setlist soon. The song is about being obsessed with someone to the point of almost hurting oneself with lyrics like “My love for you was bulletproof/ but you’re the one who shot me.” The dark lyrics are paired with a classic pop-punk guitar riff and powerful drums.

‘Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed’

This track from the San Diego natives’ 2016 album Misadventures is the perfect energy booster and ultimate head-banger to have in a setlist. ‘Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed’ starts with a catchy guitar riff building into a good kind of musical chaos. The track, written by frontman Vic Fuentes, is about the pressures of making songs and his process of making music. The best part about this song is the bridge containing an instrument break perfect for live shows.

‘King For A Day’ Feat. Kellin Quinn Of Sleeping With Sirens

The next song on our list is another certified classic when talking about Pierce the Veil’s discography. This iconic collaboration between PTV and Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn will never go out of style. ‘King for a Day’ is about reaching a breaking point and letting all those frustrations out. Maybe Kellin Quinn can make a quick pitstop in the UK to join Pierce The Veil for this song?


This track from Selfish Machines is the perfect blend of the band’s Latin roots and rock elements in their music. From the bass riffs to the Latin flair in the drums, the San Diego natives go all out in this track. It’s the perfect song to get the crowd going, and it’s been a while since fans heard this one live in concert.

‘Tangled In The Great Escape’ Feat. Jason Butler From letlive

Last but not least on our list is a hidden gem in Pierce the Veil’s third album, Collide with the Sky. ‘Tangled in the Great Escape’ was inspired by Vic Fuentes’ friend struggling with substance abuse. The frontman felt powerless because he was on tour and couldn’t help as much as he wanted. The eerie tones and lyrics paired with Jason Butler’s vocals bring the song together. The song builds momentum perfect for a live audience, plus a cameo from Butler would be awesome to experience.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed and hope to see some of these songs on the setlist. Hopefully, after touring in the UK, we’ll get some tour dates in the states and new music from Pierce The Veil.

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