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3 Emotional New Songs From Our Faves, That Leave Us Crying On The Floor At 2am!

3 Emotional New Songs From Our Faves, That Leave Us Crying On The Floor At 2am!

Here at THP HQ, we’re an emotional little bunch. You’ve probably already gathered that! And as lovers and celebrants of how words can convey so much meaning and feeling, you best believe we are obsessed and floored by singers and songwriters who bare their souls through their songwriting craft. You also best believe that when we find new music that touches us, we’re gonna share it with you!

So grab your tissues, oh lovely honey bees, because we’re celebrating three new releases from three exceptional women, who are opening their hearts and their songbooks to us today!


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Oh, GAYLE, where do we even begin? ‘ABCDEFU‘ are amazing and we’re such huge fans and simps! Ok, fine, we’ll leave the songwriting up to you!

GAYLE has just dropped her debut EP a study of the human experience volume 1, and with it, a brand new single and music video – ‘Luv Starved.’ And let us tell you, “luv” may be starved, but we have been fed!

GAYLE never fails to draw us in with her very real storytelling, whether full of relatable rage like in ‘ABCDEFU,’ or full of emotion like in ‘Luv Starved.’ GAYLE’s vocals soar from the first bar to the last in this new single, as she lends her bluesy and alternative vibrato to the vulnerable and pained lyrics. We feel the inner turmoil of whether to love and whether to trust after being hurt before, with a bold comparison between a lack of love, or perhaps, willingness to accept love, and starvation, leaving GAYLE second-guessing and exhausted. We don’t know who hurt GAYLE, but if you do, let them know THP wants a chat.

“Sick of bein’ taken advantage by sh*tty guys,
(Oh-oh, oh-oh) Tell me if you’re one of ’em, I’m losin’ my mind,
(Oh-oh, oh-oh) Are you feeding me affection or just a bunch of lies?
Is it me? Is it you? I don’t really got a clue,
I don’t got much left, but I might give it all to you.”

GAYLE bares her soul throughout ‘Luv Starved,’ displaying her honest vulnerabilities in the sonically chilling warmth of this track. And we are an absolute sucker for it! Stream ‘Luv Starved’ right now, and as soon as you’ve heard it once and you’ve ended up sitting in your feels on the kitchen floor, go and stream a study of the human experience volume 1 too! With some of our fave tracks including ‘ABCDEFU,’ and ‘Ur Just Horny,’ this EP is ticking every box from start to finish, and we know you’ll love every mood it somersaults through!



[apple_music_ad artist=”Normani” song=”Fair”]

Normani is back with the track we have been counting down to! The excitement here at THP HQ for ‘Fair’ has been palpable, and let us tell you, it did not disappoint. Normani served on this raw and emotional track, and we’re gonna need 3-5 business days to recover! Normani is baring her soul in this stellar track, and opening her heart in a way we haven’t had the opportunity to see before, and we are so here for it. ‘Fair’ will resonate with so many of us, and we know you’ll love it!

‘Fair’ sees Normani explore her vulnerabilities post-relationship, with heavy confessions of trying to move on but being held back and still loving the person who left. The melodic masterpiece of ‘Fair’ provides the perfect storytelling media for this brutally honest song, with R&B beats and bass to leave you starring at the ceiling for hours, and vocal softness and strength to leave you with goosebumps. Yes, we’re thinking about our ex right now, and we don’t wanna talk about it.

“Is it fair that you moved on, ‘cause I swear that I haven’t.”

It’s never fair. How did they move on so quickly when we’re still waking up thinking about them? We feel you, Normani, but we’re thankful that the journey gave us this stunning new track! And if the song wasn’t enough, Normani had to seal our fate, as she brought us this stunning track with a simple backlit and honest performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which left us all toying with picking up our phone and texting our ex. (Don’t do it, it’s not worth it, trust us.)

This song really captures me in one of my most vulnerable moments. Sharing this record makes me uncomfortable because you have never really seen me in this light. Definitely aware that you might feel like you don’t know much about me but that’s only because it’s what makes me feel protected. I am really forcing myself to let go here. This is huge for me and hopefully this piece of art resonates. Love is beautiful yet so soooo terrifying. I adore you guys to the moon and back


Loving it as much as we are? Get to streaming it right here and let’s show this beautiful and strikingly honest track some love!


Brynn Elliott

Content Warning: Topic of death of a parent, and grief.

[apple_music_ad artist=”Brynn Elliott” song=”Beautiful Things”]

Finding joy in the hard times of life can really throw you off course in ways you don’t expect, but you need. Finding a glimmer of light in the darkness can truly save us in so many ways, but it’s often hard to find that glimmer. Brynn Elliott has beautifully captured that feeling in her new single ‘Beautiful Things’ – and it really is that – finding beautiful things when life feels far from beautiful.

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2021 was a true year of heartache and change for Brynn, with moving to LA and releasing her debut EP Can I Be Real? and heartbreakingly, with losing her Dad unexpectedly in the midst of the pandemic. With so much loss experienced by so many in the last few years, it’s hard not to connect with the sorrow and sadness of Brynn’s grief, which she also shared with us on her 2021 single ‘Breathe.’ Now, in 2022, Brynn has bared her soul to us again, with the release of ‘Beautiful Things.’ A soul-searching song that is filled with both sorrow and joy. Because during that all-consuming grief, Brynn found her light – her partner. She found a way to love again. In sharing that journey with us musically, Brynn reminds us that joy can be found in times of sorrow. Why are we crying and smiling at the same time right now? No, we’re not okay.

“Life’s been playing tug of war with my heart today
So I was crying in my car ’til I saw your face
How can it be so confusing? Winning then I’m losing”

‘Beautiful Things’ is a song of hope, and honestly, we could all do with a little more of that in the world right now. Brynn’s soft but strong vocals lift this sincere song, so you can feel every word at the back of your eyes, like the feeling just before you cry. It is a smorgasbord of raw emotion, with the juxtaposition of happiness within the sadness. We’re so happy Brynn found this joy, and we’re so glad she decided to share it with all of us in this stunning new song.

Stream ‘Beautiful Things’ here now. Have an “I Need A Good Cry” playlist? You should be adding this straight away!


Are you as touched by these incredible new songs as we are here at THP HQ? Check out even more new music here!

Which track is going on your regular rotation? We’re in love and we’re sure you are too. Let us know everything, over on that bird app @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

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