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5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From August Royals’ Inhaler EP

5 Of Our Favorite Lyrics From August Royals’ Inhaler EP

Can we talk about August Royals for a second? Because we’d like to talk about August Royals for a second. August is one of the most talented rising artists on our radar, intertwining elements of pop, alternative, and hip-hop in a way that feels authentic yet still widely accessible for fans of all kinds of music. He just dropped his incredible 9-track debut EP, Inhaler, and we’ve had it on repeat ever since release day.

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Making this EP gave my life a purpose. I hope the music gives everyone that listens comfort if they’re in a dark place and can bring out joy. We’re all growing. ‘Inhaler’ is about catching your breath, resetting, and getting back on your feet.

August Royals

Part of what makes the EP pack such a punch is August’s carefully chosen lyrics, which perfectly capture the feelings he’s trying to convey in each song. So naturally, being the lyric lovers we are, we wanted to dive into some of our favorite lines from the project! So press play on Inhaler and let’s start our journey… 

“Dancing under streetlights, torn up, trying to feel alright…”

This lyric from opening track ‘Blue Football’ has such interesting imagery. When you hear that someone’s “dancing under streetlights,” you might assume they’re having fun with friends on a night out on the town, but August instantly flips it for a less “enjoy your youth” approach. The song fluctuates between fun moments like “dancing under streetlights” and “sprinting under moonlight” before flickering to descriptions of substance abuse, making it a very real depiction of the ups and downs of mental illness.

“Stabbed in the back by a devil wearing Prada heels…” 

The Devil Wears Prada, anyone? It was already one of our favorite movies, but we’re enamored with August’s darker spin on the idea of a true monster wearing designer shoes on the slick track ‘Prada.’ It disguises their true nature behind shiny clothes and luxury items in the same way that August couldn’t see their real intentions behind empty promises and fake love.

“I’ve been trying to find something that makes waking up in the morning exciting again / Maybe there’s something still worth fighting for…” 

This spoken outro on ‘All I Need’ is everything to us! It’s such an optimistic view on finding your true passions in life and getting yourself in gear to pursue them, no matter how hopeless you may feel. There’s always something beyond the present that you can look forward to, even if you have to create that for yourself.

“You could’ve hidden my scars, instead, you kiss them…”

If a relationship doesn’t offer the caring understanding that August describes on ‘Kiss My Scars,’ we don’t want it! This guitar-tinged love song has so many sweet lyrics we can’t get enough of, but we really loved the imagery of this line. It summarizes their dynamic so well while still making us more curious to learn about the aforementioned scars and their connection. 

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“I think I got used to your jacket in my living room, perfume on my mattress / You were gone so soon, it’s hard to imagine what happened…”

Quite honestly, lyrics like this one from ‘Oxygen’ felt like a punch to the gut after the gentle romance of ‘Kiss My Scars,’ much like an actual breakup feels when it comes seemingly out of nowhere. This lyric evokes so many emotions so easily, describing how August and his partner were intertwining their lives and sharing sweet moments at home. Although we have to give an honorable mention to the “ah, ah, ah, ah” of the breathing at the end of the song, which really gives the effect of gasping for oxygen when you feel lost without someone.

Which of these lyrics resonates with you the most? What’s your favorite song from Inhaler? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Check out Inhaler right here and for more sweet new releases you need to check out, click here


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