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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan The Wanted

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan The Wanted

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Since 2009, The Wanted have been gracing our ears (and, let’s face it, our eyes too) with their boyband/man band talent. Although the group did take a hiatus in 2014 to pursue solo ventures, in September 2021, the group consisting of Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker, Max George, and Siva Kaneswaren announced that the hiatus was over, much to the delight of many fans around the world. Although there is a never-ending list of reasons to stan this fivesome, we thought we’d share five of those reasons with you!

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Their Music Is Top Tier

If you have ever heard a track by The Wanted, there is a 99% chance you’ve found yourself enjoying it; from a little foot tap, a head bop, or hip sway to an all-out “my body loves this song, pass me my microphone” dance routine. Either way, you will have found yourself enjoying their music at some point. You may be a ‘Glad You Came’ type of person, maybe you will find yourself ‘Walk Like Rihanna’ or even a fan of the OG ‘All Time Low.’ Whatever track/s you hear, you can be sure you will find at least one track to love.

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The Fan Base Is A Family

One thing you won’t be short of if you stan The Wanted is friends and support. The fan base is one big family, so if you want someone to talk to about the band or life online or whether you don’t want to be alone at a gig, these fans will welcome you with open arms. The Wanted fandom is always willing to share their love of the guys with others, and if you are looking to share your love with others, then this fandom is one you want to be part of. The fanbase is a space where no matter who you are, as long as you love the band, you’re always welcome to join the fan family.

The Wanted Care

If there is something these lads are not lacking in, it’s compassion and care. Whether it’s supporting fans in person or online with just a simple tweet, a chat, or even a like of their post to acknowledge they’ve seen it; or performing a charity gig in support of band member Tom. Tom was unfortunately diagnosed with brain cancer back in September of 2020, but he was determined not to let it beat him and has done numerous things, including reuniting with the band, performing a special charity show at the Royal Albert Hall, and then heading out on the band’s recent tour. All of these things are done because Tom and the other members care about their fans and each other.

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Fans Come First

For this group, fans are their number one before all else. Whether it’s inviting them on stage to be The Wanted’s Heart Vacancy girl, hanging out with them post gigs as they leave venues; or most recently still going ahead with the tour even though Tom couldn’t attend some dates due to his illness. As a result of his love for the fans, Tom is still participating in the tour where possible and remaining seated for his part of the show.

They Know How To Have Fun

Fun is something that this band is never lacking in. Whether it’s messing about on stage, taking the mick out of each other’s dance abilities, making some “interesting” fashion choices, or just straight up having a few giggles. These boys make sure that when it comes to it, they make sure that they have fun and that fans are always “glad they came.”

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There are always more reasons to stan this band but we will let you find those out for yourself when you enter the fandom. If you’re already a fan feel let us know what your reasons to stan the guys are with us in the comments or on our Twitter, @TheHoneyPop, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram.

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