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Our Favorite Tracks From Rosalía’s Latest Album Motomami

Our Favorite Tracks From Rosalía’s Latest Album Motomami

After captivating the world with her flamenco-pop album El Mal Querer, Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía bends the rules with her latest work, Motomami. The Latin-GRAMMY winner has risen to international stardom, collaborating with Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, and Bad Bunny. With Motomami, Rosalía gets experimental with each track while keeping her signature music qualities.

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If you’re not familiar with Rosalía yet, don’t worry! Here at The Honey POP, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite tracks from Motomami:


Motomami’s opener is a reggaeton-inspired track and samples ‘Saoco’ from reggaeton legends Wisin and Daddy Yankee. ‘Saoko’ is also filled with synth-beats and is perfect to open an album like this one and possibly a tour. In addition, the Spanish singer took to TikTok demonstrating how she made the beat for ‘Saoko.’


This next track has Rosalía going back to her flamenco roots. In ‘Bulerías,’ the Spanish superstar solidifies her identity as an artist and her relationship with flamenco music. She sings, “Igual de canta’ora con un chandál de Versace/ Que vestidita de baila’ora,” which means she’ll still be the same singer even when wearing a Versace tracksuit in comparison to the traditional flamenco outfit.

‘Chicken Teriyaki’

The fifth track from Motomami is just pure vibes. The catchy chorus and hip-hop beats make it easy to sing along to. This track is the perfect mood booster to have in your playlist, especially with references to New York City and modeling legend Naomi Campbell. And we already know it’s a hit when the Spanish singer adds her signature, “La Rosalía,” in the intro.


This next track reunites Rosalía with frequent collaborator El Guincho, with whom she has produced massive hits like ‘Con Altura,’ and James Blake. In ‘Diablo,’ Rosalía gets more experimental with her music. Furthermore, the lyrics make it seem like the singer is having an internal conversation with herself about her life and international fame.

‘La Fama’ feat. The Weeknd

It would be a crime not to have this song in our favorites. ‘La Fama’ marks the second time Rosalía collaborates with The Weeknd. The bachata-inspired track was the first single off Motomami, and certainly did not disappoint. In addition, we get The Weeknd singing in Spanish. It may seem that they are talking about a lover, rather the international superstars are actually singing about their relationship with fame.

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Make sure to stream Motomami, we know we will!

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