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Get A Taste Of Sasha Alex Sloan’s New Album With Her New Release ‘WTF’

Get A Taste Of Sasha Alex Sloan’s New Album With Her New Release ‘WTF’

It’s time for Sasha Alex Sloan fans to rejoice, because your fave indie-pop singer is back better than ever with her single, ‘WTF’ and the release date for her album, I Blame The World

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If her previous work on her critically-praised 2020 album Only Child didn’t indicate it already, Sasha Alex Sloan is a musical and lyrical genius! As per usual, Sasha’s vocals on ‘WTF’ are sweet, sounding beautiful and angelic as always. Not only is her singing fire, but so is the music video as there’s a whole hellscape vibe going on. It’s pretty lit (no pun intended) and the more you pay attention to the song and the visuals, the more you get a sense of what Sasha is trying to say with her music video.

So, WTF Is ‘WTF’ (And The New Album) About?

It’s time to dive a little deeper into Sasha’s ‘WTF’ music video, because there’s more than meets the eye here. Plus, looking deeper into it might give us more clues as to what I Blame The World will be about.

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Now, we don’t know about you but with lyrics like “Sometimes I got a hard time seein’ the point to existence. Am I here for a reason, or ’cause my parents were drinkin’?” and “Stuck in a one-man circus, trying to find some purpose. But it’s unclear,” it’s crystal clear to us that there’s some sort of existential crisis going on. Then, of course, you got the chorus where Sasha repeatedly sings, “Same shit, different year, ‘til I disappear. What the f— am I doing here?”

These lyrics all sound like questions we might ask ourselves at one point in time, such as “What’s our life purpose?” and “Why are we even here?” Questions like these can be both scary and thought-provoking as we all navigate through finding our place in the world. And, coupled with the flames that take over the house that Sasha is just chilling in, we definitely see some commentary on how chaotic life can be sometimes. After all, life doesn’t just come with an instruction manual!

As such, we can kind of guess what I Blame The World will be about. Perhaps the new album will be about the darker side of life and how at times it can get a little confusing to navigate. Even the title spells it out for us! We tend to “blame the world” for feeling lost sometimes. And we might actually be onto something as Sasha herself describes the new album as an “honest, non-hopeful” arrangement of songs that depict the relatable emotions of despondency and isolation.

Okay, So When Is The Album Coming Out?

Ah, we hear you! There’s no need to fret because I Blame The World is available May 13th, 2022! And if you want to make sure you hear it as soon as it drops, you can pre-order the album right here! Oh, and if you’re wanting more Sasha Alex Sloan, you can catch her on tour in May by purchasing tickets here!

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