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‘In My Head’ And Other Music Videos From Lights You Need To Watch ASAP

‘In My Head’ And Other Music Videos From Lights You Need To Watch ASAP

Honey, listen. If you have never heard of Lights, then you are missing out! Because her music video ‘In My Head,’ featuring Josh Dun, recently dropped from her upcoming PEP album and it’s fire! So we really need you to go ahead and start stanning this girl because her work is amazing.

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But Who Is Lights, Exactly? 

Lights is a Canadian pop artist who wears many, many hats. We’d be here for a long time just listing all the things Lights can do, so we’ll just narrow it down to the basics. Not only is she a singer, but she is also a songwriter, a producer, a DJ, and a multi-instrumentalist. She’s even a comic book author, being behind the works of Skin & Earth – which is based on her album of the same name – and The Clinic, a side story from Skin & Earth.

With that being said, there is nothing Lights can’t do! So if you’re looking to start becoming a stan, we got some music videos from PEP that you absolutely have to watch! And yes, it is in order by release.

‘Prodigal Daughter’ 

Up first, we have ‘Prodigal Daughter,’ a song all about being unapologetically yourself. We’re just loving the whole red color palette and aesthetics in this one, and we have a feeling you’ll love it, too! Also, side note, but the fashion in this music video is nice! Are we the only ones wanting to raid Lights’ closet?

‘Real Thing’ Featuring Elohim

Contrasting the bright red palette in ‘Prodigal Daughter’ is the blue hue that overtakes nearly everything in ‘Real Thing.’ But don’t be sad, we’re getting chill vibes with this one! As you can tell from the wedding gear Lights and Elohim are wearing, this one’s all about looking for your true love! It’s a sweet love ballad that’ll leave you going “aww” the entire way through.

‘Salt and Vinegar’

Are you hungry? Well, Lights has got you with ‘Salt and Vinegar!’ Mellow out with this vibrant, yellow-covered music video. However, there is more than meets the eye with this song as Lights explains the meaning of this song and how it plays into PEP below:

I’ve never understood the task more than I did when I was making this record. My vision feels complete, and every single component comes from this very intense evolution I’ve experienced in my personal life over the last few years. We’re all products, we all market ourselves every single day. The idea behind PEP is if you’re going to brand yourself, then brand yourself to happiness.


‘In My Head’ Featuring Josh Dun

Finishing off, we got Lights in her groovy and catchy recent release of ‘In My Head,’ featuring the lovely Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots! Unlike the other music videos, this one is totally different! For one, it starts out with an opening to a commercial that introduces us to the futuristic setting this music video takes place in. So coolio! Plus, there’s not only just one color palette here. Instead, there are multiple colors of yellow, red, and blue.

Lights explains ‘In My Head’ as being about “tuning out the chaos and the thousand voices telling us how to feel and act and look, and just doing things your way.” It’s a pretty wise message that Lights is putting out with this single. Also, in general, it’s clear a lot of thought went into this piece, right down to the colors! As Lights further went on to state:

‘In My Head’ video is visually and conceptually the culmination of the previous three songs that I released leading up. The color scheme of PEP is primary, so the first PEP video (‘Prodigal Daughter’) was thematically red, ‘Real Thing’ (featuring Elohim) was blue, and ‘Salt and Vinegar’ was yellow. ‘In My Head’ was always meant to be all three, and it sums up the series conceptually as well.

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OMG, When Is PEP Coming Out?

Believe us when we say this is not an early April Fools’ joke, because Lights’s new album PEP comes out on April 1st! But if you want to make sure you’re the first to hear it, then make sure to pre-order it right here! And if you’re wondering what else is going to be on Lights’ PEP alongside ‘In My Head’ and the tracks we listed, then take a look at the complete tracklist below!

PEP Tracklist
  1. ‘Beside Myself’
  2. ‘In My Head’ (ft. Josh Dun)
  3. ‘Prodigal Daughter’
  4. ‘Salt and Vinegar’
  5. ‘Money in the Bag’ (ft. Kiesza)
  6. ‘Jaws’
  7. ‘Rent’
  8. ‘Sparky’
  9. ‘Real Thing’ (ft. Elohim)
  10. ‘Easy Money’
  11. ‘Okay Okay’
  12. ‘Voices Carry’ 
  13. ‘Grip’

Is Lights Going On Tour?

Of course, she is! So if you want to see her live sing ‘In My Head’ or any of your favorite songs off of PEP, make sure to check her out on her Baby I’m Back North American tour starting April 3rd. You can grab tickets here, bestie!

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Have we convinced you to become a stan of Lights? Let us know what you think of ‘In My Head!’ Or maybe you want to discuss another fave track off of PEP? That’s cool, too! We’re down to talk over at our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

And for more stars on the rise, buzz on over here, little honey bee!


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