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4 Things We Love About Highlight’s New Album!

4 Things We Love About Highlight’s New Album!

You heard that right! Highlight is back with their first studio album, Daydream, and we at THP physically cannot stop listening to it. Highlight’s new album features ten refreshing and romantic songs that are bound to make you fall in love with them even more!

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Daydream has the perfect vibes for the newly arrived spring season, and we’re here for it! Here are four things we love about Highlight’s new album!

Highlight's new album concept photos
Image Source: Around Us Entertainment (Left to right: Doojoon, Yeoseob, Gikwang, Dongwoon)

The Title Track

Highlight has never missed with their title tracks, and ‘Daydream’ is no exception! This lead single is about losing someone and constantly living in a daydream because you don’t want to face reality. ‘Daydream’ has such an elegant feel that Highlight pulls off so effortlessly. And they slay the choreography, visuals, and outfits every time! (Do y’all see Yeoseob? We’ve been blessed.)

The Party Vibes In ‘Play’

‘Play’ is an upbeat and feel-good song that’s definitely going into our party playlist! It’s about hearing songs that remind you of past lovers. And even though you find yourself missing them, you feel like everything is okay in that short moment. ‘Play’ is proof that Highlight knows exactly how to make us want to get up and dance.

The Lyrics In ‘Seven Wonders’

Highlight is just dropping bop after bop in their new album! ‘Seven Wonders’ is one of our favorite B-side tracks on Daydream and the instrumental slaps! They sing about a one-of-a-kind love so breathtaking and incredible that it’s one of the wonders of the world. They want to learn and experience more of it no matter what, so where do we sign up?

The Instrumentals In ‘Lovely Day’

We love a good R&B song, and ‘Lovely Day’ is it! It’s such a chill song about spending quality time with your partner. Every day you spend with them is precious, even if you feel nervous at first. We think ‘Lovely Day’ is the perfect study song, and the guitar instrumentals paired with Highlight’s dreamy vocals will make you feel so comfortable. Those high notes at the end really did it for us!

We didn’t think it was possible to love Highlight any more than we already do, then Daydream came out. Highlight’s new album is the best way to celebrate their fifth anniversary, and we’ll keep listening as long as they keep releasing music!

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Highlight's new album concept photo
Image Source: Around Us Entertainment

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