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5 Songs by 24kGoldn Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs by 24kGoldn Your Playlist Needs

24kGoldn has proven himself to be a hitmaker with ‘Mood,’ but he’s more than a pop star. He’s tapped into many genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and most recently, pop-punk! Ahead of his new song ‘In My Head,’ dropping March 25th, The Honey POP wants to recommend 5 songs by 24kGoldn you need on your playlist!

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‘Prada’ (Featuring Lil Tecca)

In this collab with Lil Tecca, Goldn raps about how he spends his money on Prada and how it’s all the girls around him want. He also raps about his come up in the music industry.

“‘Cause I was eighteen, broke as a fiend, did what I had to do.
Nineteen, stuck in a dream, actin’ irrational.
Twenty thousand on me, we call that casual,
All before the age of twenty-one.’

We love that lyric because it shows that Goldn is still humble among all of the fame and riches that he has! But we also love it because of the ‘glow up’ TikTok trend that came out of it!


THP has ‘Butterflies’ after hearing this song! Goldn showcases his vocals for this smooth ballad about his partner! But his partner doubts his words and intentions.

“You givin’ me butterflies, ain’t talking ’bout kisses.
I’ll be your best friend and you’ll be my missus.
You say I’m a player and I say that you trippin’,
‘Cause when we together, it don’t make a difference.”

We also love the outro and background vocals by Kaash Paige! The outro adds a perspective from Goldn’s potential love interest, and we love their vocal chemistry together!


OG Goldn fans, rise! ‘Valentino’ is a classic Goldn song that many fans know word for word! This song dropped in 2019 as a single featured on Goldn’s debut album, DROPPED OUTTA COLLEGE. The lyric “I don’t want a valentine, I just want Valentino,” is a perfect description of what we want every Valentine’s Day!

‘Don’t Sleep’

Goldn gets vulnerable in ‘Don’t Sleep,’ a song about a painful breakup. Everything about this song makes us cry! From the instrumental, done by Omer Fedi, to Goldn’s emotional lyrics!

“Don’t sleep, don’t let it all die,
Sweet dreams and memories left behind,
Left behind.
Don’t speak, that look in your eyes
Tells me what’s really been on your mind.”

‘Don’t Sleep’ is a must on our sad song playlist for when we need a good cry – thanks, Goldn!

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‘Empty’ (Featuring Swae Lee)

In this collab with Swae Lee, Goldn sings about the pain his partner caused when they left him. This song makes us feel sad, but it also makes us dance!

“Ain’t been the same since you left me,
Can’t feel no pain, only empty.
Fake love feel good ’til it’s over.
How we turn from lovers to loners?”

Swae adds his signature flow and catchy lyrics to the song, making him and Goldn an underrated duo! “Empty’ is an emo-rap banger that deserves to be on your playlist!

Did your favorite 24kGoldn songs make our list? Let us know by tweeting us @thehoneypop, or in the comments on Instagram and Facebook!


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