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NCT U Release New Track ‘CoNEXTion’ (Age of Light)

NCT U Release New Track ‘CoNEXTion’ (Age of Light)

There’s never a dull day in the NCT Universe, especially when fans get treated to fresh content showcasing all 23 members’ qualities and new music! This week, NCTizens were treated to a new song, ‘CoNEXTion’ (Age of Light), performed by members Mark, Haechan, and Doyoung.

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The new track is a part of the SM Station’s “NCT LAB” series, which was kicked off by Mark’s first solo single, ‘Child,’ in February. ‘CoNEXTion’ is the theme song for Gwanghwa Sidae (Age of Light), a new large-scale immersive art experience spaced in the Gwanghwamun area of Seoul, South Korea.

‘CoNEXTion’ is a hip-hop-inspired track with hints of traditional Korean instruments. According to SM Entertainment, the mixing of modern and traditional music shows a connection between the past and the present.

Mark opens the song with a powerful verse before transitioning to Haechan’s velvety vocals, singing, “Oh, two small movements and/ the final destination unified into one.” Doyoung’s beautiful vocals put us in a trance while singing about unavoidable destiny following the main chorus.

The experimental beats and powerful performances by Mark, Haechan, and Doyoung in ‘CoNEXTion’ beautifully showcase the immense talent NCT has.

And while we cannot get enough of this amazing track, the moment truly belongs to NCT member Shotaro, who did a dance performance to the song. We, like many NCTizens, were so happy to see him shine like the star he is.

Shotaro defies all the laws of physics with this powerhouse performance. In the first few moments of the performance video, the NCT member is “flying” well about the ground with the dancers. In the chorus, he is seen proudly flexing the NCT hand logo before powerfully performing during the chorus. One of our favorite moves from Shotaro is during the song’s climax, where he does a powerful spin.

Fan reaction to Shotaro’s power moves

Fans have been loving Shotaro’s performance, praising his moves and even pointing out that the NCT member formed a 90-degree angle at one point.

Others pointed out that the choreography had snippets from iconic NCT songs to fit with the theme of the ‘CoNEXTion.’

We can’t wait to see more of NCT in the future! What’s your favorite lyric and moment from ‘CoNEXTion’? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP. Also, check us out on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things pop culture.

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