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Binge-Worthy Buzz: Keeping Up With The Sweetest Releases

Binge-Worthy Buzz: Keeping Up With The Sweetest Releases

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Hello, dear honeybees, how are you? Welcome to another edition of Binge-Worthy Buzz, our series where we bring you the sweetest releases in the world of movies and TV for your viewing pleasure. Let’s dive in!


Who doesn’t love a good period drama? Bridgerton’s first season came out last year and won hearts all over the world with its lovely characters, interesting storyline, and with a soundtrack made up of instrumental versions of some of our favorite pop songs. Season one focused on the story of Daphne and Simon, and now, season two will shine the spotlight on Daphne’s brother, Anthony.

So we recommend you check out season one if you haven’t already before season two rolls around. And if you loved the season one soundtrack, with songs by Maroon 5 and Ariana Grande, you’re sure to love the one for season two as well, which will feature songs by Madonna, Rihanna, Harry Styles, and more! The soundtrack for season one is already available for streaming, and the one for season two will become available on Netflix on March 25. Enjoy!

Death On The Nile

Based on Agatha Christie’s novel of the same name, Kenneth Branagh’s latest movie takes us on an epic journey down the Nile River in the 1930s. On top of directing the movie, Branagh also stars in it as Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot, who has his vacation turn into a desperate search for a murderer when a newlywed couple’s honeymoon is ruined. The movie becomes available in Digital format on March 29, and, in case you want to own Death On The Nile on Blu-Ray or DVD, those come around on April 5.


We love family-based stories, right? Right! So let us tell you about Apple TV+’s newest addition to their catalog: Pachinko, available on March 25. The series tells the story of a family of Korean immigrants over the course of three generations, with more focus on the matriarch, Sunja, and her grandson, Solomon. Bouncing between Korea, Japan, and the States, Pachinko is sure to be one of the best new shows of the year.

Encanto (Sing-Along Version)

We will never be able to explain well enough how much we love Encanto. It’s one of Disney’s best movies to date, and we’re completely addicted to the soundtrack. And if we were already singing along to it before, now that Disney+ is premiering an actual sing-along version of the movie, you can bet we’ll be making our love for this movie and these characters everybody’s problem by belting out the songs as loud as we can.

Better Nate Than Never

This one is for all the theatre kids who are also Disney lovers. Better Nate Than Never brings us Nate, a 13-year-old with some big Broadway dreams. There’s just one tiny problem: he’s having a hard time even getting a part in his school’s theater productions. But just when everything seems hopeless, Nate has the opportunity of a lifetime. When his parents leave town, he enlists the help of his best friend, Libby, to go to New York and prove everyone wrong about him. Everything seems fine until the duo meets Nate’s estranged aunt Heidi. Curious about where this is going? So are we! But we have to wait until April 1 to watch the whole movie on Disney+.

The Owl House

We just needed to get an animation on this list, and what animation could possibly be better than The Owl House? This lovely series follows Luz, a human girl who falls through a portal to another world where magic is a thing. Throughout the episodes, we see Luz adapting to her new reality and making some new interesting friends along the way.

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binge-worthy buzz

Raven’s Home

If you didn’t think That’s So Raven was one of the best Disney Channel shows of the 2000s, we don’t know what to tell you. But if you loved it as much as we did, then you probably know about Raven’s Home, the spin-off that shows us an adult Raven with her two kids, Nia and Booker. Over the course of five seasons, all the show has done is show us why Raven was, and still is, one of Disney’s most beloved characters, and now, her children are right there with her. The latest episode of Raven’s Home premieres on Disney Channel on April 1, and we seriously recommend you watch the whole show if you haven’t already.

Cheaper By The Dozen

Yes, yes, we’re talking a lot about Disney+, but can you blame us? They keep coming up with more amazing content! The last item on our list is Cheaper By The Dozen, a new take on the classic movie from 2003 we all loved as kids. The premise is similar, a blended family of 12 managing their home lives and also the family’s restaurant. Excuse us while we head to our couch once more to watch this movie for what may or may not be the 5th time already.

And that’s all for today, folks! Tweet us your opinions on our choices of the week @thehoneypop! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram in case you want to find us there too.

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