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The 5SOS Fam Makes Us A ‘Complete Mess’

The 5SOS Fam Makes Us A ‘Complete Mess’

We love 5SOS a lot, but we love 5SOS Fam just a little bit more, if that’s even possible.

5SOS stans have the name of 5SOSFam for a reason; they’re like a big huge family! Here are a few reasons 5SOSFam makes us a complete mess.

They Care About Each Other

If you’re ever feeling down, whether mentally or physically, or maybe you’re just tired, you can always find a 5SOS friend on Twitter whos ready to listen to you. The 5SOS Fam are constantly so loving and supportive to each other, it warms our hearts 🥺.

Countless people have met their best friends through 5SOS stan Twitter and it’s so heartwarming and wholesome. Who’s cutting onions around here?

They’re Funny AF

The humor of 5SOS’s fans is elite. We all know and love 5SOS with their silly, goofy sense of humor, and 5SOS Fam is not afraid to be silly and goofy right back! The memes, the references to old 5SOS content, the teasing… we love it!

Seriously 5SOS is stanned by a bunch of comedians, and we are here for it.

The Talent?!

Why are so many people on 5SOS stan Twitter so talented and creative? We’re obsessed with the talent in this fandom. With people’s gorgeous covers of 5SOS songs, stunning artwork, merch concepts, and tattoos??? The 5SOS Fam is just as talented as the band they look up to, and we love to see it.

The vibes are immaculate.

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They Do Promo for 5SOS

We have never seen a more dedicated group of people, ever. 5SOS Fam goes truly above and beyond with promo for their band. They have arranged watch parties for the 5SOS 10 Year Celebration Show, listening parties to increase streams, and they even hung posters around their hometowns to promote ‘Complete Mess‘! The loyalty is unmatched.

And now 5SOS Fam is taking it a step further to promote 5SOS on the fans’ terms with the 5SOS Update Coalition. A group made up of multiple 5SOS update accounts! The Coalition is taking it into their own hands to organize projects and start trends to spread 5SOS content, not just among fans but the general public too! We’re so excited to see what the 5SOS Update Coalition has up its sleeve! You can join the 5SOS discord here or stay updated by following @Tha5SOSFamily on Twitter.

We just really, really, really love 5SOS Fam, and we’re so happy 5SOS brought us all together into this amazing family! Are you on 5SOS Twitter? Let us know all bout it in the comments, and then say hi on the said “bird app” @TheHoneyPOP so we can be besties! We also have Facebook and Instagram, and if you want more 5SOS content (we know you do), click here!


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