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5 Songs by iann dior Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs by iann dior Your Playlist Needs

iann dior has made a name for himself this year, from releasing on to better things to touring with Machine Gun Kelly on the mainstream sellout tour! Even though iann’s had many achievements, he’s still criminally underrated, and The Honey POP wants to change that! If you haven’t heard of him yet, we want to recommend 5 songs of iann’s to add to your playlist!

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‘complicate it’

In ‘complicate it’, iann is dealing with a manipulative partner, making the relationship complicated. We’ve been there too, iann! We love this song because it’s catchy, while still having a message.

“I’m sick of being in the same situation with you,
Hard times getting harder every day to consume.
You mix lies with what happened, got me thinking it’s true,
You always complicate it.”

This song gives spring vibes and we’re so here for it! Featured on on to better things, ‘complicate it’ is an upbeat song that you should add to your spring playlist.

‘shots in the dark’ (Featuring Trippie Redd)

iann and Trippie Redd are a dynamic duo in ‘shots in the dark’, a sequel to ‘gone girl’ where they sing about their troubled partners. This song is an upbeat ballad, and we have this on repeat as if it was just released!

“Girl, you’re leaving me scarred,
Tears fall, it’s hitting me hard.
Bricks weighing down on my heart,
Got me on edge.
Didn’t get the message at all,
Now I’m taking shots in the dark.”

iann and Trippie are vulnerable in this song, and we love them for that! ‘shots in the dark’ is a great song to listen to on a late-night drive! We hope there are more iann and Trippie collabs in the future!

‘obvious’ (Featuring Travis Barker)

iann and Travis Barker are a match made in pop-punk heaven! In ‘obvious,’ iann sings about the hardships he’s facing with his partner. What makes this song so superior is that it’s like two songs in one! In the first 30 seconds of the song, iann sings to an instrumental that builds us up for the beat switch in the second quarter of the song.

“Didn’t want to bring it up, but I feel it, it’s obvious.
It’s hard to be around someone that never learned to love themself.
Already learned my lesson, girl, you know that we’ve been here before,
We’ve both been here before, don’t get too comfortable.”

Iann and Travis never miss! ‘obvious’ will be played all year long!

‘Strings’ (Featuring Gunna)

In this collab with Gunna, iann sings about his partner who switched up on him. They pulled on his strings, so he cut his partner off. We love this song because it’s catchy and relatable!

“I thought you’d never let me go.
You switched on me, I lost control.
I hope I see you on the road,
So you can see how far I dove.”

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We hate fake people just like iann and Gunna do! ‘Strings’ is a great song to listen to when you need a chill song to jam out to. This song deserves to be on all of your playlists!


Day one Diorgang, wya? In ‘emotions,’ iann talks about how heartbroken he is after his partner said that he drove her away with his emotions. Iann is vulnerable in this song, and we love that!

“In my head, she said it’s all in my head,
But it’s not, think I’d rather be dead.
Can’t forgive or forget what you did.
She said I drove her away with my emotions,
Can’t take the pain anymore, I’m feeling hopeless.”

This song is perfect for your sad and emo-rap playlists! While iann is no longer deemed as “sad boy dior,” this song makes us cry. We love you, iann!

What are your favorite iann dior songs? Did your favorites make our list? Let us know by tweeting us on Twitter @thehoneypop, or in the comments on Instagram and Facebook!


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