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Here Are Our Favorite Lyrics From Tate McRae’s ‘chaotic’

Here Are Our Favorite Lyrics From Tate McRae’s ‘chaotic’

Chaotic is a word that resonates well with The Honey POP HQ. You could say that we embody chaos. (If you’ve seen the infamous sandwich/hot dog debate, you already know what we’re talking about.) We’re here to talk about a different type of chaoticism today, though. Tate McRae’s ‘chaotic’ just dropped and we’re absolutely floored. Seriously, we got, like, 4 lines in and had to fight the urge to cry in public. Don’t mind us, we’re going to just be dealing with our emotions over here.

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Tate McRae – ‘chaotic’

Anyway, in honor of the song dropping, we thought we’d make you all cry with us share some of the most hard-hitting lyrics from the track that really had us in our feels from the first listen.

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I have this paralyzing fear that I’ll maybe go nowhere/But God forbid me ever admitting I could be scared

Okay, listen. Are we fighting the urge to just write every single line in this song? Maybe. But we will keep it under control, don’t worry. Right from the get-go, the opening lines to the song just hit you where it hurts. The entire first verse hurts actually, but let’s focus on this for now. This is a feeling that too many of us know all too well unfortunately, even if we keep it bottled up inside. Young adulthood can be a scary and confusing time and that “paralyzing fear” really creeps up on you out of nowhere. But of course, we keep up a brave face and we move forward. That’s life sometimes.

How could you blame me? Growing up is chaotic”

This is absolutely a simple line, a simple sentiment. But throw it at the end of the chorus of ‘chaotic’ within the context of the song and all of a sudden this simple sentiment is ripping your heart out. Okay, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but growing up is chaotic. We’re right there with you, Tate, navigating growing up can be…chaotic indeed. And we’re all just holding on and doing our best, so we should get cut some slack tbh. The power of Tate Mcrae’s ‘chaotic’ is that it takes these somewhat “obvious” sentiments and crafts them together in a beautiful blend of vocals and music to create a track that just gets you. Whether you’re 18 or 28, we have a feeling a lot of you can relate to this line for a lot of reasons.

Tate McRae chaotic
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Maybe I’m just blowing all this sh*t up in my head/But I can’t help it, no, I can’t help it”

If you can relate to this sentiment, we’re sorry, we love you, we see you. Overthinking is, in fact, the worst. Not knowing whether you’re just being dramatic or if everything you’re thinking/feeling is valid, it can be frustrating and exhausting and everything in between. It’s an overwhelming occurrence. Major props to Tate McRae for capturing all those feelings in ‘chaotic,’ because she got it spot on!

Who knew that wanting someonе could ever make mе this desperate/Don’t think I’ll do that again, no

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Another element of growing up that Tate touches on in ‘chaotic’ is the aftermath of a relationship. Going through texts, missing somebody, it’s all run of the mill. But sometimes we look back on who we were and how we acted when we wanted someone and that’s not a person we want to be again. Missing them is natural, but it doesn’t mean we need to go back to who we used to be in that relationship or with that person.

It’s probably best if we stop here, because at this rate, we’ll keep going until we’ve listed the entire song. This song really resonates with us and we’re in awe of Tate McRae as always. Make sure you stream the song 1348349237 times right here.

What do you think of ‘chaotic?’ Which lyric resonates with you the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or drop us a line on Twitter!

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