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Get To Know Omar Apollo With These Six Tracks

Get To Know Omar Apollo With These Six Tracks

If you’re not familiar with Omar Apollo, this is your sign to get acquainted with this rising indie-pop artist. The Indiana-raised Mexican American singer-songwriter has risen to international recognition for his R&B and Latin-inspired music in recent years. Apollo has also collaborated with artists like Kali Uchis, Joji, and Dominic Fike.

Two years after releasing his third EP, Apolonio, Omar Apollo is getting ready to release his debut album Ivory, slated for April 8. Apollo has already teased fans of what’s to come from his debut album. Releasing singles reuniting with Kali Uchis on ‘Bad Life’ and teaming up with Daniel Caesar on ‘Invincible.’ In addition, the singer-songwriter is gearing up for his Desperado Tour starting on April 5 in Portland, OR and is a part of the lineup for Coachella.

In honor of the upcoming release of Ivory, here are six tracks to get to know Omar Apollo.


The latest single from Ivory is produced by none other than Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. ‘Tamagotchi’ is a departure from Apollo’s previous work using trap beats instead of his usual bass-heavy sound. This track shows how versatile Apollo is when it comes to music and isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone.

‘So Good’

The next track on our list is ‘So Good’ from Apollo’s second EP, Friends. The song has a funky bass melody that will make you feel like you’re at a disco club. ‘So Good’ lyrics describe being in love and feeling “so good.” But also feeling the pain of being rejected by the person you gave your love to.

‘Dos Uno Nueve’ (219)

From Apollo’s 2020 release Apolonio, ‘Dos Uno Nueve’ showcases the singer’s musical and lyrical versatility. Fun fact the title of this song is the zip code of the town where Apollo grew up. The track also pays homage to his Mexican heritage as he sings in Spanish. Musically, the song takes inspiration from corridos, a style of music that is heavily listened to in Mexico.


This track from the singer’s debut EP, Stereo, leans more on his R&B influences with heavy bass and smooth vocals. ‘Erase’ finds Apollo hung up on an ex-lover and is trying to move past the relationship. He sings, “I still think about the time/ The time I spent just tryna grow with you,” letting his ex-lover know that he’s still thinking about them.


This song from Apollo’s third EP lives up to its name. ‘Kamikaze’ talks about unrequited love and the back-and-forth of being in those situations. Apollo also sings about moving on from this whirlwind of a relationship and moving to focus on his career with lyrics like, “I’ma leave this state and never come back/ I’ma never come back to you.” The track is filled with funky guitar riffs and drumbeats that you can easily bop your head to.

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‘Bad Life’ feat. Kali Uchis

The last song on our list is from Apollo’s forthcoming album Ivory. ‘Bad Life’ reunites the singer with Kali Uchis following their collaboration on ‘Hey Boy’ from Apolonio. This track is more laid back with a beautiful yet straightforward guitar melody with hidden orchestral elements. And when you have Apollo and Uchis’ beautiful vocals brings together the intimate feeling of the sing. ‘Bad Life’ has Apollo addressing an ex-lover and wishing them a bad life with whoever they are with.

We’re so excited for Omar Apollo’s debut album, Ivory! Are you? Until then, we are going to have his music on repeat, you can stream it here with us! Check out his Desperado Tour starting in April and if you’re heading to Coachella, make sure to check out his set.

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