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Omer Fedi: The Punk Mastermind Behind Some Of Your Favorite Songs

Omer Fedi: The Punk Mastermind Behind Some Of Your Favorite Songs

Between playing guitar, writing songs, and producing instrumentals you can’t get out of your head, Omer Fedi is one of the most talented people in the music industry. Even if you haven’t heard his name, you’ve almost definitely heard a handful of his songs. He’s helped artists like 24kGoldn and The Kid LAROI create earworms you’ve heard all over TikTok, all while staying true to his creative vision and his philosophy of only working with people who he considers his friends.

Omer was born in Israel, where his dad is a famous drummer. He played drums from a young age, but his musical talent truly took off when he picked up a guitar thanks to Drake from Drake and Josh. He and his dad moved to America so he could pursue music, and he joined a jazz band in high school that confirmed his love for playing guitar. While he was still in school, he started writing songs with Sam Hook, who’s known for his work with artists like Trey Songz and Miley Cyrus.

Funnily, when Omer started working with Sam, he had never written a song before! He’d go to Sam’s house after school every day, and their sessions eventually culminated in Ella Mai’s true love anthem ‘Naked.’ The song has gotten over 136 million Spotify streams since it came out in 2018 and a big part of what makes it stand out is Omer’s signature guitar throughout the track. 

Once Omer graduated high school, he started working with YUNGBLUD and things exploded from there. The two went on to work together on songs like ‘mars’ and ‘cotton candy,’ but Omer’s true breakout moment was 24kGoldn and iann dior’s viral collab, ‘Mood.’ He met 24k at a party and they began working together within a week. ‘Mood’ came out of a hangout at iann’s in 2020, where half the group (24k and iann) were playing video games and half (Omer and producer KBeaZy) were making music despite their plans to take it easy that night. He told MTV

We didn’t even think about making music. I didn’t even have my guitars, so I took iann’s guitar, plugged it into the computer, and the first thing I played was the ‘Mood’ guitar riff. Then Goldn’s sitting on the couch and starts singing, ‘Why you always in a mood?’ He probably didn’t even know he was singing because he was so focused on the game.

Omer Fedi

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‘Mood’ was one of the true anthems of the pandemic, taking off online and ultimately hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in October 2020. The song has since become a member of Spotify’s coveted Billions Club, earning over 1.398 billion streams partly thanks to TikTok and remixes involving artists like J Balvin and Justin Bieber. More on Justin later!

In the era of quick internet hits and a constantly-moving music industry, it’d be easy for ‘Mood’ to be Omer’s magnum opus. But it was just the beginning of his pop-punk radio reign and his ability to find the next big talent before they tackle the charts. The perfect example is The Kid LAROI – Omer found LAROI on Soundcloud and they connected on Instagram, then started making music together the first time LAROI came to America from Australia. They worked together on songs like the Juice WRLD-assisted ‘GO’ and ‘Without You,’ which wound up being his breakout hit. 

Most recently, Omer co-wrote, co-produced, and played instruments on ‘STAY,’ LAROI’s first #1 that also boasts credits from artists like Charlie Puth and Cashmere Cat. Oh, yeah… and a Justin Bieber feature! Omer told Variety about working with LAROI:

He’s one of my closest friends and to see [‘Without You’] blow up is incredible. It’s always fun when you believe in someone and then you see that other people gravitate towards him too and say, “Yeah, his music is good.” All his songs before [were] more urban driven, and then we dropped a song that’s just super bare minimum acoustic guitar, and it’s great because we are both big Nirvana fans.

Omer Fedi

The Kid LAROI is one of many artists merging hip-hop and rock in clever ways, and another one of the most prominent examples is Lil Nas X. Omer’s third #1 hit came with the internet-breaking ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name),’ a celebration of LNX’s queerness that’s driven by Omer’s acoustic guitar throughout. Omer met Nas through Columbia Records execs after working with 24kGoldn and The Kid LAROI, who are both on Columbia. 

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The second we met, we were just, like, best friends and started hanging out. I went to his AirBnb every day and we were just making music and watching movies. I’m always a big fan of artists like Nas that you can never know how their next single is gonna sound like. I like challenges.

Omer Fedi to Variety

What makes Omer’s work so special is that he’s clearly passionate about all the artists he writes, produces, and plays with. For example, take Machine Gun Kelly – Omer has credits on songs like 2019’s ‘I Think I’m OKAY,’ 2020’s ‘my ex’s best friend,’ and even Kells’ 2022 cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good.’ But their bond goes beyond the music, and Omer (and his fiery red hair) even appeared in the background of MGK’s Downfalls High movie in 2021. 

Image Source: Interscope Records

Not only is Omer one of the most talented, versatile people out there, but he’s got a knack for figuring out who’s about to become the next big thing while making some pretty cool friends along the way. We can’t get enough of the Omer Fedi Musical Universe, and we can’t wait to see what he does next! 

What are your favorite songs Omer has worked on? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! You can also listen to some of the THP team’s favorite tracks below.


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