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Josh Ramsay Shows He Can Do It All With His New Solo Album

Josh Ramsay Shows He Can Do It All With His New Solo Album

Josh Ramsay is recognized by many people as being the lead singer and member of the Toronto-based band – Marianas Trench. Over the years, the band has experimented and developed their sound by approaching each album with a different overarching theme that runs throughout. With every album, the group has built an ever-growing fan base of die-hard Trenchers, who have embraced each album and its accompanying soundscape – THP included!

Having released their most recent album Phantoms in 2019, Marianas Trench were ready for touring and promo. Then the pandemic hit and put a stop to all of that. But for Ramsay, you can’t lock down his love for his craft and when he was unable to work on Marianas Trench projects, he decided he needed to do something!

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So, he decided to go it alone and make a solo record, and thus The Josh Ramsay Show was born. When we say go it alone, we mean it. Ramsay wrote, produced, and played all of the instruments on this album (excluding the orchestral elements).

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April 8th sees the release of this new album, so get ready for a sonic journey like no other. Josh is experimenting with new sounds and genres in this 18 track album and we can’t wait.

This album is set to cover everything from rock and pop, to jazz, country, and more. Our excitement is real for the release of this album.

But, if 18 tracks of variety weren’t enough, then don’t worry because there are also a number of amazing guest artist features on the album including the likes of Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, Dallas Smith, and even Josh’s sister – Sara Ramsay.

The Josh Ramsay Show is arguably Josh’s most personal album to date; as he opens himself up and lays everything out there by penning tracks inspired by the ups and downs of life in the past two years. From getting married to the loss of both parents – Ramsay decided to take those experiences and put them into this uplifting album that is filled with love.

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This album is a must-listen, whether you’re a Trencher, Ramsay fan, or a newbie to Josh and his talents; and we want to know what you think of it. Don’t forget to let us know if this is a show you’re ready for by leaving a comment or on our Twitter, @TheHoneyPop, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram.

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