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RØRY’s ‘Kill The Girl’ Is A New Age Anthem About Starting New

RØRY’s ‘Kill The Girl’ Is A New Age Anthem About Starting New

For singer-songwriter RØRY, ‘Kill The Girl’ is a cathartic anthem that embodies letting go. RØRY brings their signature soft yet raw sound to this gorgeous new track, and we here at THP have it on repeat!

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Why ‘Kill The Girl’ Means So Much To RØRY

‘Kill The Girl’ is a portrait of a life epiphany. According to RØRY, this song marks the moment in her life when she realized she couldn’t remain as the person she was anymore.

For RØRY, ‘Kill The Girl’ is a fresh start.

‘Kill The Girl’ is like my origin story for becoming RØRY. It was after (yet another) traumatic breakup in 2018 that I knew something had to change. I didn’t want to be that girl anymore.”

RØRY on ‘Kill The Girl’

Sometimes, we need to hear the message that we’re allowed to leave something behind. ‘Kill The Girl’ is exactly that.

With over 1 million streams of their previous single ‘Uncomplicated,’ RØRY obviously has a message that people want to hear. The song was inspired by a comment RØRY left on one of Avril Lavigne’s TikToks, about a time when life was simpler.

RØRY was amazed at the way it resonated with people.

Image Source: RØRY Official Facebook

We aren’t surprised, though. Their words are some of the most sought-after in the songwriting industry. She has written hits for Charli XCX, You Me At Six, DJ Sam Feldt, and Alison Wonderland, to name a few. With over 1 billion streams earned from songwriting credits, RØRY brings the focus to a more personal place with ‘Kill The Girl.’

‘Kill The Girl’ Is A New Kind Of Emo Anthem

You can feel RØRY’s love for pop-punk and classic ’00s emo in ‘Kill The Girl’ and we are absolutely here for it. RØRY follows in the footsteps of bands from this era, afraid to address topics of mental health and addiction. Her tweets are often an honest account of what difficulties she dealt with that day, sometimes with a humorous edge.

‘Kill The Girl’ speaks to the beginning of the era when RØRY decided to take action to make their life healthier.

I got sober, got therapy, and committed to 18 months of celibacy to figure out what was driving my destructive choices. Needless to say life is a lot f*cking better now.

RØRY on what ‘Kill The Girl’ means to her

We here at THP believe the more open we are about mental health, the more people can get help. Not everyone has the energy or resources to speak out, and that’s totally okay. But some, like RØRY, have found a way to heal through sharing their story, and we’re thankful to them for doing so.

RØRY Is Bravely Telling Their Story

RØRY represents the perfect musical formula of pure talent and a message people want to hear. Relationships define our paths in life, and RØRY tells us it’s ok to leave certain ones behind, whether with a toxic ex or a toxic version of ourselves.

RØRY’s upcoming EP, set to be released sometime in 2022, represents this transition. Instead of writing songs for others, it is finally time for RØRY to tell their own story.

Are you jamming out to ‘Kill The Girl?’ Tell us how you like it over at The Honey POP Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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